Save the Broadway Mills buiding from ODOT

Submitted by Martha Eakin on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 09:03.

On Thursday April 13 Ed Hauser, with support from the Gilotta family, made a presentation before the Cleveland Landmarks Commission, nominating the old Broadway Mills building, now homebase to Gilotta Fuels, for landmark status.  Hauser nominated both the building, built in 1894, and the remaining portion of the old central viaduct at the building’s base.  Motivated by a communication from ODOT, sent at 5:33p.m. on the evening before the hearing, a majority of  Landmark Commission members voted to table the nomination until ODOT could make a presentation at the Commission’s next meeting. That’s right, the Commission that is supposed to protect Cleveland’s landmarks decided not to even begin consideration of potential landmark status because of ODOT’s request.


Now, on this Thursday, April 27, at 9:00 a.m. at City Hall, the Landmarks Commission will hold its regular meeting and presumably ODOT will make a presentation.  I think anyone who has concern that ODOT is running the show sans our input but with our money should attend to let ODOT and the Landmarks Commission know that we care about the enormous changes that ODOT’s plans will effect.  We care about how ODOT decides to spend our taxes and expect them to adhere to their stated procedures (their Project Development Process).


It is possible that a well-thought-out alternatives matrix and the promised environmental, engineering and economic impact studies would indicate that we have no choice but to accept ODOT’s chosen route for the new bridge, trench and ramps, etc.  But we don’t have those studies to assure us that the best possible alternative has been chosen.

If you care, be there April 27, 2006, 9:00a.m. City Hall, Room 514.



Good work Cit' Ed and NEO citizens - salvation, phase 1

In a quick process, the Landmarks Commission nominated the Broadway Mills Building as a landmark. Thanks to the commission, and all who brought the property to their attention, lead by Citizen Ed Hauser but not to neglect mentioning the Gillota family, Martha Eakin, Susan Miller...

I attended my first

I attended my first Landmarks Commission Meeting today. The majority of the people in the room were there in support of the Broadway Mills Building nomination. That was great, but still, I was surprised how few people were there when you consider the number of properties in Cleveland that deserve historic landmark status. Historic buildings matter and if they are deglected or destoyed they are lost forever. When there is a historic home tour, like the Ohio City Home Tour coming up in May, (see the calendar) hundreds of people turn out and have a great time, but most of NEO would sit by silently and let ODOT demolish the Broadway Mills Building.