Brancatelli’s Crime Scene 3684 W 15

Submitted by mabeldog on Thu, 08/12/2021 - 21:04.

This afternoon a young woman was shot in the head and KILLED outside the meth lab at 3684 W 15 in Ward 12. BRANCULA'S ward. The coroner just took her body. At least 12 residents have called Brancatelli's office about this house over the past THREE YEARS. Nothing he could do his Secretary told the callers who actually got through. The others left many voice mail messages that were not returned. Brancula is too busy with his side job at the Land Bank handing out properties to his friends to help his constituents in Brooklyn Centre. The cops who patrol the area told me the address is handed out to felons on their way out the door of Ohio's penitentiaries. One night a "resident" at 3684 W 15 drove down the street shooting at houses and cars. Brancula's office was called and the secretary told everyone to call the police. I called Building and Housing and the Health department and both departments sent out inspectors who issued a myriad of citations to the owner Sandra Jones who owes 6,000 in back taxes. The inspectors were very helpful and went out within a week after I called. Isn't this the kind of service Brancula should be providing for $86,000 per year he is paid to tell his constituents he can't do anything about problems like this. So now Brancula has blood on his hands. A young woman is dead shot through the head while sitting in her truck. VOTE BRANCULA OUT.

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Meth addicts

My saintly coworker tried to help a meth head yesterday - I am off today...counting the days to retirement.