City of East Cleveland Website Returns to Drupal

Submitted by Evelyn Kiefer on Thu, 04/29/2010 - 12:14.

I noticed a few days ago that the City of East Cleveland website is now a Drupal site. It is a big improvement from the most recent previous website, which looked more like the website for an Eric Brewer fan club than a city website. It is a good start to improving IT in East Cleveland -- now lets get more citizens online!

We lost years of progress when he ruined our old site

I heard they were finally going back to Drupal - better late than never - EC was one of the dozens of Drupal sites I got going here, before Peter Holmes butchered us... probably one of the first cities running Drupal and open source in the country ---- when I think of how far we had taken EC with bridging the digitial divide and going open source, under Goggins and the old administration, before .........!!!!!!!!!!!!

We lost years of progress when Brewer trashed us - I hate thinking about it - our team and CIA had EC at the open source frontier with their old Drupal site - their Flash site was disgusting - I'm certainly glad they went back to Drupal - I'll look under the hood when I have a chnace.

Thanks for pointing this out... are you finding the information you need there, Evelyn?

Is it a good Drupal site?

Disrupt IT

It is a useful site ...

The East Cleveland website does have the city charter and ordinances. The information about the Coit Road market on the home page is nice too.