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EJB on Cosgrove- my letter to him on this story


Cleveland Heights Jeff Epstein-like sleazebag’s a registered sex offender

CLEVELAND, OH - The Clevelanders whose homes and property registered sex offender Michael Francis Cosgrove once ...

I have been told by a reliable source that Jeff Ramsey submitted his resignation in executive session in mid-May.  Rosen is also off the masthead. Ramsey owns multiple rental properties under Ramsey Franklin LLC.  Cosgrove has a lot of secrets to reveal - NHS is now under CHN.  The new player in zero down mortgages is - another way to package mortgages fraudulently -
Did you see the Tony Viola story? What a nightmare.  You call Pianka "Greek" - I always thought  he was Polish.  In any case - he and Rokakis were thick as thieves. Rokakis "created" Housing Court - installed first old Irish guy (forgetting his name), who then appointed Pianka upon retirement > Pianka appointed Zone to his council seat.
Interesting, that prosecutor in case against Viola IS Greek - Dan Kasaris.  FBI Investigating Prosecutor Dan Kasaris’s Sexual Relationship with Government Informant Kathryn Clover | Free Tony Viola He now is with AG's office...scary.

FBI Investigating Prosecutor Dan Kasaris’s Sexual Relationship with Gove...

Unjustly convicted of mortgage fraud, Tony Viola needs your help by spreading the word in hopes of over turning ...

Sadly - like Rosemary Vinci - any of the women involved in these crime rings are dispensable.  Who killed Dawn Pasela? | REALNEO for all