Harveys, Weahrys and Russos, it is time our families meet

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 07/21/2009 - 07:10.

Adam Harvey, Amy Weahry and Tim Russo, acting as Blackheart Cleveland, you have acted to cause me and my family harm. I believe you are acting with intent, and you claim to be acting as one.

I have met Tim Russo and do not know that I have ever done anything to harm him. I have not met you other two, so consider you strangers.

In your attack against me and my family, you make a series of inflammatory and inaccurate statements, that I challenge. I also challenge your social and ethical behavior, and I call you out personally to explain your actions, to my family.

Please accept my request to meet with me, my wife, and my parents, and explain your actions against us. My family members have all contributed greatly to making this a better community, and have supported me in my struggles to do the same,

I may be reached at norm [at] realneo [dot] us and will pursue this meeting until you respond and agree to explain your actions in person. My family members and I will make ourselves available at your convenience.

You do not have my respect,

Norm Roulet


Real Coop

norm [at] realneo [dot] us

your wife issues a death threat

and now you want to know where my family is?  all because i linked to an article i didn't even write?

seriously, norm.  you need help.

Grow up and get ready to meet up

We are meeting, and you can meet my wife, and we are getting expalations for your behavior, if I have to track down and video tape your mom.

You feel it fine to invade other people's privace and attack their families and cause them harm and I want to know where that attitiude comes from.

I expect answers from the Harveys and Weahrys as well - you aren't in this alone, for sure!

Disrupt IT

its called

sociopath, Norm and if you know anything about the personailty disorder, Tim Russo fits it to a T. You won't get an apology, because Timmy never apologizes.

Timmy thinks he was a victim because he attempted to lure a 13 year old into sex (by his own admissions if you read the Free Times article). It doesn't matter that it was wholly and entirely inappropriate (and illegal) behavior on his part - Timmy was a victim because it was a sting operation (How else are they supposed to catch child molestors Timmy? what a dunce).

I'm sure once the news caught who the perpetrator was (Timmy - news flash - the news channels monitor the police channels - woohoo!) they requested a moment to get to the station to get your crybaby face on camera and I'm sure the cop who had the scum (that would be you, Timmy) in his back seat was more than happy to oblige - wouldn't you?

Read between the lines of the Free Times story, folks, where does Timmy EVER take responsibility for his behavior? And WHAT does he make his moment of fame and fortune out of - manipulation and disingenuity. And he remains unemployed because no offer is gOOd enough for him. He remains unemployed because Timmy is always the selfish little boy who was never ever taught to say I'm sorry and mean it. He lives his entire life blaming everyone else and bullying everyone else and has probably never done a single fricking thing FOR anyone else in his entire life. He is a sociopath. No wonder no one wants to employ him - they fear him.

God forbid Timmy do what anyone else would have to do - pay his penalty, cultivate some HUMILITY, and put his life back together - oh - maybe by pulling his head out of his ass and learning to do for others - oh hell no! Timmy is a victim.

I mean crap - the guy even BLAMES his buddy on a mutual adolescent sexual engagement. Notice the terminology - Timmy is left a victim once again. Even the banality of internet porn is blamed for his immoral behavior. But, the one that gets me - is blaming his being a queer - NEWSFLASH Timmy - the 1980s were the advent of the Queer Rights movement. I spent them advocating, marching, risking and educating while Timmy was hiding in a fucking closet. And what does he do now??? He blames his pedophilia on being queer - FUCK YOU Timmy. Homosexuals are NOT pedophiles. We did NOT work our asses off to be another one of your lame scapegoat excuses. NO - Timmy is a big crybaby, who certainly doesn't deserve any of this attention...


unbelievable, an overeducated 40 something baby, iving is his fucking paernts house.... give me a break....

funny how norm wanted me to run his mayoral campaign

you do know that norm was planning to run for mayor of Cleveland, right?  and he was going to raise the money for his big ideas from the likes of Peter B. Lewis?  and pay me to make him mayor?  and pay for the realneo fun out of that, too, right?  

by the way, you were also quite happy to put me in charge of an art show for which you couldn't find the time to run yourself.  funny how that gets left out, too. 

no, dumbass -

I NEVER "put you in charge" of an art show - I was told you would be available after the SHOW WAS OVER to unlock the space so the artists could pick up their work. Far cry from "put in charge"...

Nice example of what a manipulative twat you are...

A narcissist

A narcissist sociopath…he is crying for help and he has to be shocked into changing. So they say he will not change without a huge event that will make him accountable.

It not ok what is happening, it really is not.

What this man needs is not here…none of this is enough.

jesus, Oengus

you're starting to freak me out - we keep agreeing!

actually, its kinda nice....

that's enough norm.

and this is why we are calling you out.  so now i'm going to give you something else to seethe about other than linking to something i didn't even write which merely comments on your own public writing.

you came to me, at edisons, and specifically asked me to (among other things) write and do video for your property and your projects. and i told you i would not be involved with a website that spews this kind of hate, both anonymously and otherwise.   and you told me, to my face, that you didn't play that game, and that your site only harbored this kind of hate, from numerous directions, including a guy who carries a concealed weapon, because of your site's rules.

i even warned that you had to address the issue of your property's hate, and you told me your hands were tied.  then i suggested you implement a user generated content filter, sorta like dailykos, where diaries can be rated, and thus let your users decide how much hate you had on your front page.  you shrugged. 

then, i told you i might be willing to take that risk for you, and assist you in your big plans, if i was paid to do so.  at which point you told me that Peter Lawson Jones was about to cut you a check for $10 million, and you asked me to wait.  i asked you where that money would come from.  in various explanations, you said it would come from the county government, or stimulus money, or even Peter's US Senate campaign account, an amount which Peter Lawson Jones has never raised in his entire political career combined.

at this point, i realized you were full of shit.  which you plainly are.  and now that you are being called on it, your wife is issuing death threats, you claim your family has been attacked by me, Adam Harvey, and Amy Weahry, which is obviously not true, all because we point to things you did, wrote, and display in public forums.  and you now want to meet our families to presumably deliver that threat in person.

you wouldn't meet our families if you were the last person on earth with a bottle of water.  you have a problem.  this site has a problem.  we plan on commenting about that.  a lot.  so get used to it, big guy.  and if you think you are going to bully your way into taking your website's hate into the real world, you need more help than i ever imagined. 

once again

You're the victim, Timmy.

have any of you commented about the actual post?

which seems to have your knickers in a twist?  or is it just a stream of ad hominem?  oh wait, it's realneo.  i already know the answer to that question.

the post

does not merit comment.


the post doesn't merit comment?  then why are you doing nothing but commenting on it using ad hominem attacks incessantly?  




Ok, Tim, I want to know why you thought that it was ok to meet up with a supposed to be 13 years old child at a convenience store after a "sexual" discussion on the internet?

Thank God it was an FBI agent. Why do you thing that this was ok? That is all I want to know.


DNFTT - (Do Not Feed The Trolls!)

Troll Definition: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DNFTT


By refusing to deal honorably with others, you dishonor yourself.


I caved and looked at russo's website. He is using a copy and paste of this site's entries  as fodder on his website to prove his convoluted positions. If he is ignored, will he go away? Will not giving him material to work with make him actually work on his own postings elsewhere? 

no difference

 either way - what he doesn't selectively excise from our posts, he'll make up.

Timmy's having a tantrum... kick you feet harder, Timmy! Oh, good boy! you can scream louder than that!