JAMA Proposal: A Threat to the Health Care Show?

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As the Med Mart/Convention Facility project allows the latest wolf into the hen house and the public that’s paying for this barnyard fiasco is stunned with the complexities (i.e., rationale) of the deal that was passed today – see Roldo’s post at realneo & the PlainDealer for a report on the Commissioners approving the deal — let’s not forget that the  site location is still not pinned down and that the City of Cleveland still has to consumate our portion of the deal.

And here is another industry news piece from Tradeshow Week that covers a story from JAMA that could have a significan impact on how tradeshows and continuing medical education activies interact.  The relationship of the two are critical to MMPI’s plans here in Cleveland.

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JAMA Proposal: A Threat to the Health Care Show?
– Tradeshow Week, 4/15/2009 5:07:00 PM

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Eric Allen Blog

The Future of the Healthcare Exhibit Hall

(Posted March 2009)

The Future of the healthcare exhibit hall is being researched -- something that, as far as I know, has never been done before. HCEA's "Future of the Healthcare Exhibit Hall" Task Force is commissioning qualitative research to explore healthcare professionals' preferences relative to the exhibit hall. Not the exhibit hall as it is now, but rather, an exhibit hall of the future, as it could be. That's the part that I don't think has ever been done before.

The Task Force's goal is to field a qualitative phase of this project and have at least top line results back to be presented at the HCEA Annual Meeting in Tampa, June 13-16 [link]. The Task Force felt that the question had to be studied qualitatively first, to probe into alternate scenarios that HCPs could respond to, and involve them in the process of envisioning what the future could be. In other words, the research will be about more than merely potential redesigns to exhibits or halls, the physical layout, but about the complete interaction with industry in the exhibit hall setting.

This could have far-reaching implications. We're trying to be as open-ended about this as possible, and not place too many preconceived notions onto the HCP's. We could find that a radically re-engineered exhibit hall experience would be much more effective in giving them what they want. If so, that's exactly why we're doing this.

If you have thoughts on the kinds of questions you'd like to see asked, let me know.


You know they have conventions about conventions?  The HCEA sold out it annual meeting in Salt Lake.  Positively Cleveland is attending.