"Mayor" Zero celebrates

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The Do Nothing 'Mayor"

 Another year of "progress" with, OF COURSE, no SPECIFIC details from Justin and Company. When he first got into office with a whopping 30,000 votes which his massive public relations "team" in newly created jobs that did not exist in the Jackson administration with 6 figure salaries in America's poorest and most dangerous city called a LANDSLIDE. A landslide of those who voted because 70% of eligible voters stayed home. Wasn't there some kind of to do list with 85 specific tasks that would be accomplished within the first 100 days of this groundbreaking administration and Cleveland residents could check on the progress, the check list which would be CONSTANTLY updated. I can't find that list 365 days in. Because you know well he "inherited" a "broken system". Try and find it. Go ahead I'm willing to be proven wrong. He fired some woman from Bay Village he hired in some made up job after less than a year to put in his BFF Bradford Davy in as chief of staff. Enabling BD to purchase a big mansion on the lake courtesy of the struggling Cleveland taxpayers.  And some other woman named Nancy, (I'm too lazy to look up her name)   quit suddenly from another made up job. Did they dare to ask questions for which there were no answers. Other than complaining he can't bring back abortion because Mike Dewine is mean and an evil Republican and not on Team JB and spending the scamdemic relief monopoly money like a drunken sailor to crush small landlords and crow about green energy with no details. And try to force reluctant black Cleveland residents to be stabbed with the dangerous clot shot falsely called a vaccine. And look far and wide for a new CMSD super with "equity" being the sole qualification. But developers seems to be riding high building cardboard monstrosities all across the Land with generous tax breaks and subsidies. And then of course the "conferences" with his "team" who need to spend a week at the taxpayers expense to discuss getting along with each other.

Justine plans to be gone to a higher job, but not in Ohio because it's TOO REPUBLICAN and that's NOT who he is, before the scamdemic relief play money runs out. Because when IT'S gone reality strikes. Cleveland has no tax base.

I miss Frank Jackson. And I'm not the only one.



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Hiring and Firing in Bibb admin -Fran DiDonato


Eric Brewer wrote

"From the surface it look as if Bibb’s team is advising him down the “Kwame Kilpatrick” path.  He should have been attending every public meeting of the city he’s never attended, reading audits and managements letters; and sticking to Jackson and his administrative team like glue since the election.  Instead he’s been “on tour” across the city, state and nation as if he won a beauty pageant."



I tried to dig up the name of the woman who was hired part time, then full time, then vanished - I can't find it.  Ed Gallek reported. 




CLEVELAND (WJW) — The FOX 8 I-Team has found mystery surrounding a Cleveland city employee hired at more than $100,000 a year to work part-time.

Fran DiDonato, suddenly, no longer works for the City.

One city official told the I-Team this week that she was terminated and escorted out of the building where she worked.

When we asked the mayor’s office to comment on the termination, a spokesperson sent a statement saying only, “I can confirm that Fran DiDonato is no longer employed with the city of Cleveland.”

When we sent a follow-up seeking clarification, the law director wrote back to us, “The city won’t comment further on Ms. DiDonato.”

We reported earlier DiDonato was hired in January at $105,000 to work part-time as a special assistant to the mayor.


It first came to light during city council budget hearings.

Councilman Brian Kazy asked top administrators, “Do we have a special assistant to the mayor working part-time making $105,000?”

The answer came back, “Mr. Chairman to Councilman Kazy, we do.”

After the I-Team started asking questions, the city announced Di Donato would be working full-time in the department of sustainability.


Again though, that just ended. We have also tried reaching out to DiDonato.

And, we are still working to answer more questions about this. We have requested personnel records to find out more.



Meanwhile - Sabra Scott Pierce IS STILL at City Hall - in the Mayor's Office as Administrative Manager, whatever that means??