Mitch saves the day

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This month's April Cleveland Magazine, for once, features some of the folks that make CLEVELAND...

That's right, folks ... in the CITY, not the region, not the suburbs, but CLEVELAND...great.  One of those people is Mitch Paul of Shaker Cycles.

I am really bummed that Cleveland is not one of the stops on the Character Project exhibition schedule.  We have so much character, but it is lost on the natives.   Mitch and Jim, saved me today by quickly diagnosing my bicycle problem.  With a few minor adjustments, I was on my way.  That's CHARACTER!

Also, a shout out to Ray, who shows up here in the photos and gets around Cleveland on his own set of wheels.   Ray, you have REALNEO character, too!

Photos posted here soon.
Find more photos like this on Friends of W.C. Reed Field and Cleveland Parks

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Here's Ray :)

Thanks Ray and Laura

Thanks to both of you for a nice sunny Sunday afternoon interview.   I was just speaking with Jeffs about live broadcasting yesterday.  You guys are already doing it!

mitch rocks-

 first i loved that he opened "shaker cycle' in tremont. that was funny. but the dude has a litany of good deeds in my book.

he's honest and has bike lube running in his veins. 

dig it.


  I cajoled Mitch into a bike workshop at Brooklyn Branch, this summer.  Both Mitch and Jim said that the best bike workshop they held for folks happened in Haiti.  Interesting day.  I learned a lot from Mitch and Jim.  Mitch has never steered me wrong.  I owe him for today and for lots of good advice.  I am good for the money, Mitch :)

Thanks for the wonderful series of photos

Thanks for sharing the day, as seen through your (camera) eyes!!!

Beauty and wonder certainly does depend on your viewpoint and focus, thanks so much for being willing to share yours.



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