My Message to Washington DC about Working Class Issues With CRA, CDCs and Urban Planning In real NEO

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 12/09/2010 - 11:18.

My Message to Washington DC about Working Class Issues With CRA, CDCs and Urban Planning In real NEO

My posting on CRA - Expand the Community Reinvestment Act to Bring Trillions MORE Dollars in Safe and Sound Investments to America's Neighborhoods - has had enough time online to offer some important insight.

First of all, from comments, CRA is a confusing issue and even liberal community development advocates associate CRA with urban development ills - projecting frustrations with local political corruption and planning failure upon all Federal urban renewal efforts, lumping in CRA (and organizations like NCRC). In fact, these citizens do not understand where CRA fits in and are misplacing their anger - missing an opportunity to support what may help.

Those responsible for educating citizens about CRA and credit issues - the councilpeople and CDCs - are the ones causing the harm and frustration for working class citizens, who feel under-served and under-represented - and they are under-educated about Federal efforts to improve their lives, and the availability of basic help.

What comes from that confusion - what realNEO offers unique visibility to - is the frustration of working class citizens in urban Cleveland who feel abused by the community development system and the leadership of that here - and many of these citizens have been more than abused, to the extent of having houses seized and demolished - being denied legal due process - being victimized - really frightening.

At best, citizens receive benign denial of service here.

For how bad it is, read

And for an executive summary from an activist veteran read

This comment is on a posting about a CDC Director who literally ATTACKED a disabled veteran in a park in one of the communities he serves (at working class taxpayer expense) - on video tape - in which case the CDC Director has been sheltered and protected by the police, prosecutors and all the 1,000s of people the CDCs influence here... including the mainstream media.

They are like the Mafia here... if not of the Mafia here (and we do have lots of Mafia here).

People are risking their lives to find help. Things could not be worse.

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Rokakis for CMSD CEO - Save our Children

Sorry Laura, Rokakis is as made as DiMora... McFaul - LARKIN'S LATEST PIMPING...

"You can build all the stadiums, arenas and convention centers you want, but they will not change the face of this community," said Rokakis, who has been quietly working on a version of this scholarship plan for five years. "The reality is changing this community will take a generation. And this is a program that, for my money, could be the game-changer."

With friends like Larkin, citizens ain't shit.

Rokakis is made and the FBI has left the building - this is your Cleveland (sans Sanders).

Rokakis... he ain't going nowhere... the FBI don't seem to want him... he is a gift of Cuyahoga County Democrats to the world that will keep giving until he dies, as he will single-handedly lift up all our poor children - be proud of your party ticket.

Rokakis for CMSD CEO - Save our Children

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Larkin is a...


Thanks Norm...More brilliant insight and a fluff endorsement of yet another "big idea" to help the "underprivileged" --this from the self-proclaimed  clueless idiot...

Larkin, who has ruefully noted the five endorsements of McFaul on his watch in the column he still writes for the paper, said he is embarrassed that he didn't help get to some of these issues: "If I'm so (bleeping) plugged in, why didn't I know about all this?" he said.

However, it was also well-known that Larkin had a friendly relationship with the former sheriff, and sometimes perceptions can work against a journalist and his newspaper. One of Puente's sources said that he saw Larkin jocularly talking to McFaul at public gatherings and concluded that he'd better keep whatever information he had about McFaul to himself. Larkin was just doing his job as a columnist by getting out and about, but that's not the way it appeared, at least to this potential tipster.

And, I don't suppose Rokakis knows much about the Cleveland Scholarship Program, since he has lived in Rocky River since screwing over his old neighborhood in Cleveland.

Oh, and big surprise ?! announcement on Sanders.  Never saw that one coming...

Cleveland schools CEO Eugene Sanders needs to level with residents on money woes: editorial

Published: Saturday, November 27, 2010, 1:30 PM

Cleveland schools CEO Eugene Sanders to announce his retirement

Published: Saturday, December 11, 2010, 6:56 PM     Updated: Sunday, December 12, 2010, 12:24 AM

 It seems we have an infinite capacity to believe bullshit and lies in NEO.  

I seriously would not be surprised to see Frank Jackson's brother Nick installed as an interim CEO, given the colossal stupidity we live with here.

Ochestrated by the PD, Forest City, Squire Sanders Dempsey...

Orchestrated by the PD, Forest City, Squire Sanders Dempsey... ruining public education here for yet another decade by refusing to address the real cause of our failure here, being pollution and lead poisoning.

But then, why would real estate developers and corporate lawyers want to solve that problem... or take responsibility as they should (AND WILL).

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