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One nice thing about Cleveland and Cuyahoga County is that they treat every citizen and land owner in the same fair and square way - when it comes to taxes, TIFs, subsidies, UDAG funds, building code enforcement, and “favors”.

Fair and Square.

With lots of sunshine thrown in.

That’s the result the FBI will certainly find at the conclusion of their intensive study started in the fourth floor of the County Administration building last July. After they look through all the file cabinets, the FBI will surely take the CON out of MedCON.

Sunshine and LIGHT!

That’s the feeling I’ve always had when I visited Cleveland City Hall, the Justice Center, Port Authority meetings chaired by Mr. Carney, Frank Giglio’s house, the Port Authority owned University Square Parking Garage, the County Commissioner's meetings chaired by Mr. Hagan, the Breuer designed Ameritrust Tower, sub-prime neighborhoods, and the Coast Guard Station (basement featured in photo above when Mr. Jacobs owned it).

We got a real bargain with the Coast Guard Station. You can read a little about it here in this link to Stu Spivack’s flickr

Cleveland got the station and the flooded basement for a buck – says the Fair Dealer. And letting Mr. Jacobs slip out of a million in back taxes – and lots and lots of code violations which are recalled in this experience. So the price was actually $1,000,001.00 + the rank deterioration of the important historic structure + the ongoing public safety hazard.

Dirty Dealer absentmindedly forgot the real cost cuz they were just being nice (to Jacobs)

Nice and Fair – the NEO political way – don’t you love it?

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