The Selfishness of Americans and the Impact it has on Foreign Citizens.

Submitted by Grace Roulet on Wed, 04/21/2010 - 23:52.

 Today was my mother's birthday and what started out as a normal dinner at a Greek place near our apartments turned into much more. The woman who owns the restaurant has been going through some problems trying to understand how American children are put through what they are put through, and it turns out Greece and France are much better places for children. She grew up the daughter of a French diplomat and sat with presidents and other diplomats at dinner and and flew on planes where children were allowed to run around and be children. As everyone continued to talk she began to realize that children are trained like dogs in this country. If we do not obey we are punished, and because that is how we were raised we really see nothing wrong with this.

"Because I said so..." Those are words that probably about every other parents says to their child for a reason as to why they can't do what they want. This woman never heard those words. If she wanted to do something she had to debate it, make her argument clear as to why she should be allowed to do something. If she could not, then she did not do it. End of story. I honestly think American parents should take a page from European parents and not train their children, but raise them with love and respect. That is how they will grow to respect you. Because they are your children, does not automatically give you respect. It is not a birth right because you are our parents, it is earned, like every other person must earn our respect. "Because I said so" is not a reasonable answer to anything. 

I also realized tonight that we ignore our problems or, if they are too big to ignore, we use drugs to solve it. There is a 16 year old boy I work with who is afraid of thunder, as am I, but he was shaking because he was out on lot when a thunderstorm started. Well, a woman I was helping with a carry out immediately turned to me and said that boy should see someone about his ADD. I was not about to argue with her because she was a customer but in my head I was thinking, 'Lady, that is none of your business and if it was you would know enough to not say stupid stuff like that.' I could no fathom what would warrant such a rude comment.

What do you think? Do you think there is anything wrong with the way society treats their children? How they treat the people that will soon be running it? What do you think should be done differently?

It is better in Europe ...

The drugging of American children to make them conform to certain standards  of behavior is one of the most disturbing things happening in America today. There is a film everyone should see: Generation RX (I saw it at the Cleveland International Film Festival two years ago). More parents and teachers need to accept a wide range of learning styles and behaviors.

In many European countries children ARE allowed to be children more so than in American. In France, Spain, etc. I know that few children have parttime jobs. This helps create more jobs for adults and allows children tor focus more on their education and other activities and just figuring out who they are and what they like to do.

Happy birthday to your mom!

live life like you are among the living dead

America has been far more toxic for longer than any civilization I know of in history - polluted by dirty industry and harmed by really pathetic commercial media - so it is hard to compare Americans to other poeple in the world. People raised in less toxic places have fewer problems in every way, including in dealing with reality like raising kids... and in being kids.

You are a better judge of our schools and systems for youth than anyone - we've certainly failed as adults here in Cleveland.

You are growing up in a time when the youth are smarter and more capable than the adults, but the adults will fight the youths to hold on to every last dime they may... very greedy motherfers... be ready to fight for every opportunity and change you must make... live life like you are among the living dead.

Disrupt IT

Children are not widgets

Wow-Grace you are incredibly insightful.  Europeans aren't perfect in how they raise their children, either, but we have gone the wrong direction here.  You see that we use dog-training techniques and drugs.  And, our school districts nationwide are in a shambles.  I am glad to see that you are an original thinker.  And, that you are not afraid to ask questions.  Make noise.  Lots of noise.  You are my hope for the future.