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Ladies and gentlemen

I have done nothing this evening but glued my ear to the phone.  One caller after the other filling me in on the Professor streetscape meeting.

First, how much development money has been promised to TWDC and/or its representatives for going along with the plans to slaughter and execute 21 charming and vivacious bloomers that have been marked for death in the next few days? 

How many more costly boondoggles does TWDC get at the expense of taxpayer and community dollars?


Let's not forget the $50,000 defunct crime detering camera snafu - which at last inquiry were all packed up in boxes - even the monitoring station.

The $75,000 bumpout study by McKnight - total waste if the plan is tossed aside.

$20,000 for the search of an Executive Director - waste of money since the search team was supposed to do a wide range search and and their top recommendation came from the East Side of Cleveland.  

Now, since the TWDC employees, board members, etc., cannot come up with a strategic plan - $20,000 more will be paid out to do their job.  This is just to name a few.

What is the cost of murdering 21 trees and replacing them with others going to cost?

To what extent will the Professor main drag business owners suffer as a result of these drastic measures?

TWDC is asking these business owners to pay to play - join in a parking program - yet, leave them in the lurch when it comes to helping them save one of their most valuable assets.

What is the business roundtable for, if not to represent the wishes of the business owners?

Rob Mavec and Councilman Joe Cimperman were present at the meetings and presentation discussions for the TLCI plan and there waqs never any mention of sawing off any trees.

I guess  that Taste of Tremont venders, patrons and pets will b scorching in the sun since all the shade trees will be gone.

Maybe it's time to invest in some chains and hook up to your favorite tree - take along your camers and video recorders.

Could some of these actions or lack thereof be the reason behind TWDC losing so many of its members?



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 As most of you know, the meeting for up-dating and bringing Councilman Cimperman into the loop, on the chopping down 20 shade trees on Professor Avenue, is scheduled for an unknown time on Monday, April 15, 2013.  The conference is not open to the public, however, I have a distinct feeling that representatives from TWDC, Cory, Sammy, etc., will be present.

Being that the public at large, residents and business owners) will not have a voice at this pow wow, it's apparent that another case for "lack of transparency" is about to take place.

Since the "diseased and nearly dead" expression has changed to "deformed and compromised due to poor pruning," I do believe that a request for information is in order - written reports releasing the nature and degree of the illness of the trees.  We need to demand proof that these trees no longer provide services for the ecosystem.



Read that Tree House owner says he could do it more cheaply

 And locals with expert knowledge could have done the planning. 

But then, of course, the money would not be forthcoming, since the whole idea seems to be to pay consultants. They probably contribute to election campaigns. No one seems to want to give up the money. Why not, since businessmen and residents were never told about this. If you are ignored, why keep going along with it? It only emboldens the powers that be to keep ignoring you. Look in my blog for what happened to the planting of roses along the stretch in front of my house. Of course, with only eight residents, I was the only one complaining and fighting, so I got dissed and dismisssed. Thanks a heap, Joe.

Business owners eshould perhaps join with the Old South Side and start their own local development association. They wouldn't be given money, but since they are supposed to chip in anyhow for the parking, and it would be a tax deduction, no doubt, perhaps they could chip in and residents maybe pay a very small fee (but have a vote anyhow.)

They would have to develop enough cloud to get the ear of our councilmen, but we have very prominent chefs, if they moved out of town the city would miss them, if enough joined and screamed loudly enough, it could be done. 

I know they would disagree with my idea of no more bars or restaurants, unless replacing one that leaves, but given the problem with getting a license for the former martini bar due to too many such licenses  in a heavily residential area, maybe they will see the light.

And it would protect them from interlopers coming in with the same product already existing and so diluting their business. Remember, there is a law of diminishing returns! (Was the Ohio City guys allowed their "same product place" to open, bet it was.)

Sorry not to have looked up his exact, interesting email but trying to beat the deadline to mail my taxes, due today. Have to taxi into town this morning as at 1:30 pm I am being picked up to go to Guatemala City for a MRI, $450.

Love to you all, remember those famous words "We have only begun to fight!" Keep up the good fight, Jerleen, Jeff, Lily, Guy, Laura, Dianna, et al. Good to see you posting, Jerleen. Write me sometimes, please.

I hope to post a bunch more pictures once I get squared away, still have a lot of other work I have neglected to get taxes done.