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This week our current councilman changed party affiliation, again.

In 2010, he switched from Democrat to Green Party:

 “Cleveland City Councilman Brian Cummins, who came into office as a Democrat, recently sent a letter to the party canceling his membership. He voted a Green Party ballot in the September primary for Cuyahoga County Council. Cummins had been a Columbus Green Party organizer before coming to Cleveland. This election was the first locally where a Green ballot could be requested.

"It's a big deal in an ideological political wonk kind of way, but it doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of politics on council," he said. “ Source: The Plain Dealer

Does it mean a whole lot?

“But it does. Some party leaders are piqued. Now, all Cleveland City Council members are Dems and they have a pact never to run another Democrat against a Democratic incumbent. Cummins, in losing the D, just lost that protection and put a big political target on his back for the next election.

"It's new territory. But, yeah, I think that's a possibility," Cummins said of a possible political challenge. But he noted he's been a moving target in the past. He won his seat in 2005 against an opponent who had the party's endorsement and the council's backing. And he won his current seat after losing his ward to a council redistricting plan.

"Council seats are nonpartisan elections anyway, and people vote for people who can do the job."

Said Council President Martin J. Sweeney: "He's elected by the people and in three years we'll see what impact it has on him." Source: The Plain Dealer

Does it mean a whole lot? Must mean a whole lot.

In 2016, he switched back to Democrat:

From: Brian Cummins 
Date: Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 9:30 AM
Subject: Brian Cummins - Democratic Party Affiliation 3/15/2016
To: nmartin [at] cuydem [dot] com
Cc: lsharpley [at] cuydem [dot] com, Kevin Kelley



Good morning!  This message is to inform you that this morning I voted on a Democratic Party primary ballot and signed a Party Affiliation form 10-X, thereby officially affiliating myself with the Democratic Party.  See enclosed executed form.

I look forward to working with you, the Party Officers and your staff, along with my fellow elected democratic office holders and party members.

I'll plan on calling you later this week to set-up a time we can meet to discuss my involvement in the Party.

Note that I've already informed Council President Kelley, Mayor Jackson and Democratic Vice Chair Blaine Griffin about this change.  Please feel free to share this news with Party Officers.

Have a great day!


Brian J. Cummins
Cleveland City Councilman, Ward 14

Does it mean a whole lot?

Here’s what it means.  Money, and it could be a lot for his re-election if he runs.

“But they retained a Westbrook tradition, the Council Leadership Fund - a pot of money filled by a coterie of monied interests, many residing outside city limits, used to refresh friendly council members' campaigns. It keeps majority members from straying and minority members salivating. "If you're supportive," says Sweeney teasingly, "it's there."

When Jackson decided to run for mayor in 2005, he gave the purse strings to Sweeney. Under him, the fund has grown from an average of $60,000 in 2002 to more than $400,000 today, according to recent campaign-finance reports that show well-heeled contributors like Sam Miller and the Ratners of Forest City Enterprises giving thousands almost every year. “ Source: Cleveland Scene

At this time it is not known by the author of this article how much is in the Council Leadership Fund, so who knows what he could get from them.

Does it mean a whole lot?

Aside from the Money for re-election, it could also mean Money for Projects in Ward 14. For 6 years he has been the only non-Democrat on City Council. 

What has been accomplished during that time?  Where is the money that all the other City Council members get, or cooperation because they are Democrats?

Sorry, but your decision to switch parties did mean a whole lot.  It hurt Ward 14 and 15 for the past 6 years.  We could have had our streets paved, transportation corridors completed, special projects the residents demanded completed.  Due to #WhichBrianCumminsIt's a big deal in an ideological political wonk kind of way” of thinking, the residents and businesses he has represented have suffered.

Does it mean a whole lot?

It does, now that he is a Democrat, he will be able to go to City Council and perhaps get things done.  The residents of W. 73rd St had been promised to get their street paved after the last election,. It still isn’t repaved.  Why say this?  #WhichBrianCummins has a challenger with strong connections in that part of the ward.  Watch that street get paved and soon.  Watch the park that the residents had been promised on W. 73rd St go through finally.  Will he shut down Storer Park or stop pursuing decommissioning it and giving it to Fanta?  We aren’t sure #WhichBriansCummins will benefit. 

Does it mean a whole lot?

It means enough that he has started calling Ward 14 Precinct Committee Members.  They know #WhichBrianCummins they are talking to. 

Over the next few months it will be interesting to see #WhichBrianCummins will appear.  Will it be political pandering #WhichBrianCummins?  Will it be trying to save my political skin #WhichBrianCummins?  Will it be the I don’t have Joe Cimperman’s coat tails to ride to get anything done, I’m on my own #WhichBrianCummins?

We have to ask ourselves are we done with #WhichBrianCummins?

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Brian Cummins defection reported here first

  @david ellison David - I use my real name.  It is unfortunate that Brian lost his focus, early in his career, chasing the elusive non-profit appointment or state senator route. The last time he was "Green" in any way, was when he had the balls to oppose Jackson administration and Sweeney ( Kevin Kelley) on the incinerator proposal.  I have some compassion for his position - raising two kids in the city (and doing a great job at that), but he stopped communicating with residents a long time ago.  He is serving some other master and it doesn't serve us. The land bank, the cdcs and the promise of a big pay-out w/W.25th development and fake Stark enterprise "Villa Hispana" and Housing Trust Fund monies for "select" developers of the "Dream" neighborhood.  It all stinks to high heaven.  I really do feel for him - but he can't help us as a Democrat.  It's time for someone else - and it is also time to get the bad guys controlling Jackson, Cle Council and Brian Cummins - exposed for who they are in the Democratic Party. If I mention their names here- this comment will be deleted (or shadowed)- so read my blog. And, thank you for all you have done to expose corruption in Cuyahoga County.  We need transparency and open government. CLE can't continue this way.  We are Detroit (and Chicago) right now - folks are tired of this set-up.


As a woman - Jasmin Santana Ward 14 candidate

As a woman, wife, and mother I care deeply about the health and well being of the families in Ward 14.  Having lived in Ward 14 for over 22 years, I have seen and experienced the great things about our community and the worst.

The displacement of residents, Roehl Ave as an example, is devastating to our community. It tears apart the fabric that binds us and keeps our neighborhoods whole.

As councilwoman I will be addressing some of the most distressing issues that are affecting our families.

First and foremost, my council budget and access to any additional funds, including the Casino funds will stay in Ward 14.  The money will be used to improve the quality of life for our residents and create programs that will benefit our community.

My areas of focus will be:

1)      Housing and Neighborhood Stabilization

a.       Keeping seniors in their homes

b.      Preserving existing homes by rehabilitation not demolition

c.       Homeless family emergency assistance

d.      True access to affordable housing based on accurate income levels of our community

2)      Youth Programs

a.       After school programs

b.      Recreational programs

c.       Improving access to literacy programs

d.      Additional vocational training and computer literacy programs

3)      Health

a.       Advocating for urgency in addressing the lead crisis in our homes, immediate testing, abatement and developing re-housing alternatives for families affected by the crisis.

b.      Improved access to quality food with a priority of a supermarket on W. 25th near the former Aldi’s.

c.       Partnering with Metro Health on family and women’s health issues

d.      Improving access to drug treatment to help with the Opiod epidemic

e.      Addressing the issue of infant mortality

4)      Safety

a.       Work with improving response time from the First District

b.      More foot patrols and advocate for Mini Stations within the community

5)      Improved Communication and Access to Council Office

a.       Better communication through enhanced technology, plus more community interfacing.

b.      Calls and visits to council office (local) will be encouraged and tracked, with access online to track any reported neighborhood issues or city service problems

c.       Regular meetings with the community and support for community driven projects

I believe that your council representative should be a public servant and that is what I promise.


Crain's Cleveland profile: http://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20161118/FORTY16/161119384/jasmin-santana-fern-ndez-37