Dec.2nd 6-9p.m Fate of Tremont School hangs in Balance

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 Dear Tremonsters:

First allow me to point out that my wife and I have no children. What we do have is the belief that a strong, high performing elementary school is one of the keys to long term sustainability and economic growth in Tremont.

Dec.2nd 6-9p.m. at OLA School 2346 W14th will be a very important date and meeting as it may very well be the last time the Tremont Community has an opportunity to weigh in and be heard.

The claim by CMSD that there are only monies to demolish and rebuild may not necessarily be true. The CMSD seems to want to build new at any cost when the same ( or less) monies could be used to renovate Tremont Elementary into a state of the Art learning institution from the bricks and mortar standpoint.

Further if you look at designs of the newer CMSD Schools…you may be appalled at the lack of sensitivity to design and quality of the new construction. Our voices may help this not to happen.

Thank you for your attendance and your opinion regardless of which side of it falls… WE as residents and stakeholders have the right to be heard …..and this could very well be the last time.

For any questions please e mail Mr. Cory Riordan, Exec. Director TWDC coryriordan [at] tremontwest [dot] org


Sammy Catania & Roberta Rocco

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CMSD does not always work in the best interest of the community.

They will use all kinds of means -- including underhand means -- vote rigging, cooking of financial numbers, withholding information, etc. to achieve their objective.

Collect petitions to save the historic building.

Organize protests outside CMSD headquarters and City Hall.

Speak regularly at monthly board meetings.

Keep on Fighting!

Never give up!

It takes only one finger to stir the pot.





Thank you Mr. Puri -Tremont school doomed like John Marshall

Tremont School is doomed.   CMSD and the usual players - Patty Choby Group, Bowen Architecture etc. will have it torn down.   The  dog and pony show tonight was attended by my count...forty people - mostly because the CMSD did not send out an email blast to the parents affected and also did not post to their website.   OVERPAID useless consultant group Patty Choby led the "commmunity" event.   If Joe Cimperman wants to be mayor he should really push for a charter school to take over historic Tremont School - otherwise, the neighborhood will face the fate of having their historic school ( which the neighborhood can credit for gentrification since the school name became the neighborhood name w/CDC powerplay) demo'd.


Oh...and BTW -Tremont School has new roof and windows...which will all be demo'd along with the school which is what CMSD will push for with Tremont residents....all or nothing... of course.