? of the Day: Have you completed the Voices and Choices "Choicebook" and what do you think?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Wed, 07/12/2006 - 01:29.

Phillip Williams, Sudhir Ragupathy and I have been supporting America Speaks and the Voices and Choices initiative of the Fund For Our Economic Future (Fund), so I was very interested to complete the next phase of this project, which is called "Choicebooks" - on-line interactive surveys asking respondents to complete multi-part surveys in six categories addressing sets of issues identified as important to the economic growth of the region, surfaced through the extensive community converstations Voice and Choices has hosted over the past year. We did not provide the technology for the choicebooks, so today was the first time I saw the implementation. I completed the choicebooks, which takes a good hour but can be completed in parts as your time permits. I will say the process is worth the effort, and I encourage everyone to participate, as the results will influence how $35 million of Fund money will be spent in the future, and this will influence much more secondary spending on regional economic development. Go to http://www.voiceschoices.org to participate, and then return to this forum to offer your feedback on the experience. In particular, do you notice anything interesting about the surveys, designed to influence how you respond?

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