Work for a newspaper online is not covered by jurisdictional clauses which cover newspaper work

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 07/15/2006 - 10:17.

 For those who find interesting the issues of newspapers versus internet based news, even when provided by the same organization - like the Cleveland Plain Dealer and are both owned by Advance Communications - Jones Day was able to arbitrate that the on-line product workers were not covered by union contracts negotiated for the newspaper product - I believe the Plain Dealer if set up the same way...


Representation: Labor Arbitration Involving Work Jurisdiction Issue

Principal Professional(s): Robert Louis Ford

Lead Practice(s): Collective Bargaining, Contract Enforcement & Union Organizing

Industry(s): Media

Summary: The Fresno Bee has an online product,, which provides news and a host of other services over the internet. Work on this product is performed in a separate department at the Fresno Bee and employees in that department are not represented by a union. The Newspaper Guild claimed in its grievance that Guild-represented employees should be assigned the work because the on line product was really an online newspaper and under the labor contract, newspaper work must be performed by Guild-represented employees. A multiday hearing was held before Arbitrator Alexander Cohn and post-hearing briefs were filed. The Arbitrator denied the grievance and upheld the ompany's position. This decision is of great significance because it is precedent for the proposition that work for a newspaper online product is not covered by jurisdictional clauses which cover newspaper work.

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Client(s): Fresno Bee Newspaper, a publication of McClatchy Newspapers