Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 11/12/2007 - 21:32.

There’s a little mystery on the plywood construction wall around the Marcel Breuer designed Ameritrust Tower in Cleveland, Ohio.

Adam Harvey, on his web site describes its origin. 

These European style placards show up on the fence, but this isn’t graffiti, because you can see that someone pulled a chalk line to get the posters plastered on straight.  These are  wanna-be posters disguised as community activism. 


What you can read is “preserve conserve” on the fence around the 29 story building that the County has voted to demolish. 





Good German propaganda?


The County has stooped to using our own tax money to lie to us about what is happening.  And, in their wisdom, they have reverted to European poster style - with the inadvertent inclusion of a bizarre web address:


NEO County Commissioners get stranger and stranger.  No wonder the FBI is curious.

Mr. Harvey, thanks for having the guts to tell it like it is...I really respect you for your strength.  You make a difference in NEO. 

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So what are the names behind this waste of tax revenues

We need to know who came up with this boner - it's mid Nov. and I don't see this month's "art"... October was just an ad for the program... and the site is a mess. So this is funded by our smokers arts culture tax and the new sales tax... it is all fungible! This site is pathetic - the execution is pathetic - the whole situation is pathetic... who did it? Who paid for it? Where is the November art? How much did we pay for consultants to embarass the county and people of NEO once again?

Adam, we could use your help on the realneo side of things, if you have some free time... thanks for getting this out there.

Disrupt IT


This site was set up by the County Commissioners for stupidity at Breuer damage control. 

You (taxpayers) are paying for the site.

The site is working against truth and against the best interests of the County.

While they are being investigated by the FBI for contractural "irregularities" on the Breuer, the Commissioners know that the populace is ripsht about their (commissioner's) idiotic corruption based decisions.


They (commissioners) go on the offensive with

Really smacks of guilt, I would say.

Adam, at realneo we respect drupal...

Who was paid our money for this

I doubt this was an internal idea or execution within the county - this smacks of high-priced, out of touch consultants, designers and technologists... the County tech folks could do much better, e.g. the County Planning Blog. This is the work of the Madisons of the Cleveland spin and tech world, who do all the dirty work and damage control. Just like Tri-C spends $10 million on over 1,000 well connected consultants, the County spends $X the same way. Who got the money for Breuer spin, besides Madison?

Disrupt IT

what incredible nonsense

I checked out the site, and submitted my suggestions for comments on the fence:


Demolish, Abolish


Obviously, we're just throwing words around here that rhyme, so why not at least get a little closer to the truth.

County Exec is as bad as 3 commissioners

The potential for crony hiring and bogus projects funded with public dollars is now only worse and no one in the media seems to care.