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Building Bridges Mural Program’s brochure suggests that the program “empowers communities one brushstroke at a time”.  


When Hon. Mayor Jackson strolled to the Mural Program’s booth at Ingenuity Festival Thursday afternoon I asked for a foto op. 


As the Mayor walked away, I overheard one of the artists saying “Hot Dam!…I just met the Mayor!”.


That exclamation represents a powerful brush stoke towards believing  you are an empowered person in the community.  My hat’s off to the Mayor, Artistic Director Katherine Chilcote (kechilcote [at] aol [dot] com) , her staff, and all the painters. 

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Mayor Jackson seems to value local arts

That is cool Jeff - keep making Ingenuity Fest real and sharing your experiences. I saw "No Umbrellas" at city hall, as part of Mayor Frank G. Jackson's Arts & Culture Initiative in Cleveland City Hall - I love to see him focus his personal public energy on arts and culture in Cleveland, as you show it makes a big different to the artists. I also know Mayor Jackson supports local music, having bought several instruments from Prospect Music - right at the heart of this year's Ingenuity Fest - he told the owner Michael Rubin that he makes a point to shop from private local businesses and that shows true.

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Mr. Jackson - Bell, California - on payroll and providing zero

 In Bell, California, the folks who were "running" the city inflated their salaries to the moon and today they were convicted of corruption.

Mayor Jackson, in Cleveland, Ohio, has done nothing to protect or preserve the community. No.  Mayor Jackson is brain dead. 

Is Mayor Jackson's lack of action equivalent to corruption?

I say yes.  I say a Big YES!

Jackson knows the community is in crisis...and is mute.

Dimora and Jackson are in the same boat. 


One (Dimora) was actively corrupt, and the other (Jackson) is passively allowing corruption. 

What's the difference?


building bridges

I really dig what katherine is doing with the building bridges program.  befitting of it's name, the program empowers kids by teaching them the art of mural creation while involving them in rejuvenating the history of the neighborhood. 

the cleveland colectivo helped to fund this project.

i am looking forward to the day when the mural gets installed in a currently forbidding space that will better link the near west side with the flats

Jeff Buster - artist of the day on CoolCleveland

Good work Jeff - props on CoolCleveland... you are cool!

Jeff Buster posts a picture of Mayor Frank
with the kids from the Building Bridges Mural Program. Check the Cool
Cleveland weblog here  where
Peter Chakerian doubles down on Ingenuity and thinks aloud about the
cigarette arts tax. When you’re through, add your own comments,
questions and attitude.
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