Posting a picture, inserting an image file to Realneo

Submitted by Martha Eakin on Wed, 03/22/2006 - 21:25.

    so here are the steps I went through to post a picture....if there's a short cut please let me know
1.log on
2.create content
3.personal blog, or image
4. title etc.
5. when you get to the "body" block you have to type in enough to allow the thing to post and you must position your cursor where you want the photo to show up
6. At the bottom of the blog entry page go down to "file attachment" and "browse"
7. find your photo on your computer or drive - photo needs to be sized first as follows or it will not insert.
    a) pixel width not more than 600 pixels (500 for a comment).  
    b) KB total no > 200 - JPEGS ok  GIFs are fine and smaller files than JPEGs  - this means photos need to be run through a simple image for web cruncher - even the most simple version of Photoshop or other photo manipulating software has the ability to size photos for Realneo.
8.hit attach - image is uploaded to Realneo server,
9. now, below the attach button,  you have an active URL link to click on to get the url of your photo which now resides on the realneo server.
10. copy this URL link and paste it into the box that comes up when you click on "insert image"(this is one of the icon choices above the body of the blog entry box   - it looks like a yellow post card with a stamp)  If you don't see icons above the blog text box, just below the box is "disable rich text" or "enable rich text"  click them back and forth an the icons will become visible one way or the other.  
11.the  photo  should appear wherever you placed your cursor in the "body" box - if it doesn't click on the pixel width size line in the insert box - then the image will show up in your post. it's time to preview and you have to refresh realneo to see what you have wrought...if you don't like it, not to worry, you can hit edit and scroll down to the bottom of the page and delete the image ..
13. you can insert numerous images into one blog post.  If you insert the image in front of the text in your blog, the image and about 4 or 5 lines of text will appear on the front page of your blog and and on the home page if admin advances it. 
Hopefully I didn't omit any steps..
p.s. hopefully the experts will correct this and then position it under "directions" for contributors

You can insert images into your comments under someone else's post  by following the above directions, posting to you own blog - under "images".  You must size the image narrower - say 500 pixes - for the comments box because they are narrower than blog boxes.
 Upload the image to your blog which puts the image on the server.
Then copy the assigned url and past that URL in via the "insert image" icon into the comment box.
Submit comment and the image will appear in the comment.
THis is easier with the newer Drupal modules.

Good luck.

Updated (to reflect new drupal image module) March 13, 2009 by J. Buster

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Thank you Martha for the documentation

I'm really glad you are pushing the documentation - none better to figure out what needs explaining than a power user like you. Kepp documenting everthing you figure out along the way, and we'll have a user manual. Ed is working on this too. Feel free to post suggestions to realneo on how to do all this better, and connect with Ed on a few big events... ed [at] realinks [dot] us

If you have problems working with RealNeo site check with Drupal

Realneo's software backbone is Drupal.  If you log in to the Drupal web site,  (use your Realneo log  in name  followed by "" - you can log into any Drupal based web site if you are a member of any other Drupal based site) there is a search function box 1/2 hidden behind one of the tabs on the RH side of the Drupal masthead.  I typed in "how to post photos" and you will see a discussion board comes up.  Drupal apparently comes with various software "modules", an image module being one of them.  There is also a Drupal Handbook available.  Anyone have a handbook?  Is a handbook something I should purchase?

Drupal's the project - lots of cool insight at site

Thanks for pointing that out Jeff. Yes, we run Drupal, which is an open source content management system developed out of Europe. They have developed good documentation at - Jeff, I don't think you can buy this... free, just like everything else in this space.

If you are curious about technology, dig into drupal - any questions, email me at norm [at] realinks [dot] us


Realneo needs to upgrade to a newer Drupal version to streamline the image insertion process described at the above link which will make posting images more intuitive.  I am posting this comment on Martha's two year old directions to help bring attention to the image upload recipe on realneo.   

Stay tuned to Realneo over the next few days as I am in the process of scheduling a meet-up for everyone/anyone who is interested in a little help with posting/blogging/inserting images on Realneo.  Meeting will be announced tomorrow in Events and on the Homepage.

Original content put up by individuals on Realneo (or anywhere on the internet) - contemplative, first hand, first person reports on whatever you do, whatever you view, whatever you believe -  is what will change NEO and the large picture as well.

So, not a penny for your thoughts - but just do it anyway and move NEO in your direction!

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 Eastern Standard Time... which provides some comfort to know that someone  else is out there watching...most likely, someone in another time zone....please post your thoughts in images!

Martha says 600 pixels is the limit

and it is loading so slow.

realneo has gone read only

 supermoon post. maybe everyone can do this.