Post-Ingenuity Party : Reflections Reconstituted

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Mon, 07/23/2007 - 11:28.

If the world hasn't caught on yet, some of the ideas I presented this weekend as exhibitor during the Ingenuity Festival held here in Downtown Cleveland have caught the distinct attention of our Pope and President, among others.. and though Mr. Bush is now under the duress-caress of a legitimate censure threat he, like so many others has to know a great thing when he sees it.  Who doesn't ?  The key now is to work collaboratively and cross-sectionally to manifest those ideations and innovations particularly and proactively preventative of Biblically-briefed, Catastrophe-causing and Armageddon-averting measures so we can assure a sustainable future for us all.  It is my belief we have five years until a pivotal time in history, and this is indeed a Messianic age - one which is facilitated by what spiritualist Eckhart Tolle and so many others refer to as the frequency holders (Findhorn Retreat)..   So perhaps polytheism returns, and we will all be gods ?   .   And as I jest, in part,  I am simultaneously serious - this isn't enigmatically expansive, or bucolic bipolar banter but rather real and rugged rapture we're talking about!


Regardless, my globalist focus is now on the Middle East - where a palace like none other will be constructed and completed in the most Holy of Cities, Jerusalem.  It is only fitting, for the birthplace of the most beautiful of Babes (J.C.) to be the center of attention now.   I can't wait for my own serious sabbatical and voluptuous vacation to this prolifically and particularly Pious place.


Locally, I am fearlessly focused on East Cleveland and the Inner Circle.  Connections connected yesterday will produce lifelong lasting links, as they should.  We need to be One Team now, uniting against unconsciousness and ignorance toward planetary positive change.


(Global and Universal) Peace!

Daniel Langlois Foundation

Sudhir--Have you explored funding through the Daniel Langlois Foundation?