The Future of Sustainable Organization and Development : Ring Cone Theory and Grow Coil Theory Unite!

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Fri, 03/23/2007 - 17:49.

I thought I'd take this opportunity to tie together many of the theoretical pieces that I've developed and evolved over the years which just might comprise a holistic collection of synergistic sustainability submittals that comprise a body of work that could be considered contributive to the collective Whole.   They all fit together in a seamless way, without wayward explanation needed.  Ultimately these could be taken to begin to build a roadmap toward the ultimate vision - significant progress beyond the impending activation of the Genesis project, and the core change mechanisms and revenue driving efforts to drive it.  To put it simply, I hope the world's change leaders take these and implement them as they see fit for their particular sphere of influence.  If we take care to integrate structure, process and function meaningfully it should result in sustainable positive change.  Recent dialogues with AI/change leaders from Nepal and Zambia bode well for implementation potential.

The original piece which many acknowledged as significant new knowledge and further validated, is now referred to as Ring-Cone Theory.  It surmises that the organizations of the future will be optimally synergistic and facilitate sustainability better if they consider a two-phased (2D and 3D) model that is comprised of a physical Ring of Rings (2D) and ideological Cone of Cones (3D).  To better understand this concept, validated by Thompson Hine's named award at 2004 Research ShowCASE back in my MBA Researcher days at Weatherhead and now being implemented in various permutations, it helps to refer to a paper written a couple of years ago that essentially emotes the premise that this might be a rare exception - favorable flattening of the organizational design to facilitate synergy, sustainability and spirited citizenship.  

With the added impetus and energy added via integration of recently-developed Grow Coil Theory, we have the a motivating force that could further drive the Dig by offering an opportunity to mitigate world hunger and overpopulation concerns in a smaller space. Building Down takes a whole new meaning, and fully furnished and furnitured basements now take on a plural connotation that could shift the very nature of property valuation.  A simple elegant formula for acreage = (CL) = circumference times length of tunnel-tube dug within the topsoil layer of the earth, fashioned as a 3D horizontal spiral space (like the base of a coiled cobra or conducting coil on a typical top-of-stove) watered with groundwater supply, and Sunlit with fiber-optically furnished alternative energy (solar, geothermal) makes for a perfectly plausible proposition.   So many acres of green goodness grown on the inner surface of the tube 360 degrees around, underground!   This really becomes interesting when we consider that we can grow year round Down There...  and even climate control portions of separate Grow Coils to facilitate favorable flowerings.  We could grow these under surfaces nonconducive to 1D agriculture above - desert or tundra, perhaps. And of course the groundwater table offers plentiful hydration.

All the pieces begin to come together to build upon sustainability behavior basics and form an integrated solution that drives sustainable economic development.  Let's put these pieces together to meaningfully make most of change opportunities that uplift the underprivileged and foster equitable, peaceful, blissful outcomes for everybody.



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