Federal Definition of Developmentally Disadvantaged

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According to the Developmental Disabilities Act, section 102(8), "the term 'developmental disability' means a severe chronic disability of an individual 5 years of age or older that:


1) is attributable to a mental or physical impairment or combination of mental and physical impairments;

2)AND THIS IS KEY... "is manifested BEFORE THE AGE OF 22"

3) is likely to continue indefinitely;

4) results in substantial functional limitations in three of more of the following areas of major life activity

1) self care 2) receptive and expressive language 3) leaning 4) mobility 5) self diirection 6) CAPACITY FOR INDEPENDENT LIVING and 7) econommic self sufficiency


5) Reflects the individual's need for a combination and sequence of special, interdisciplinary or generic services, supports, or other assistance that is of lifelong or extended duration and is individually planned and coordinated..."


ORC 5701.12 ELIGIBILITY FOR PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION. ALL Of the following qualifications MUST BE MET INCLUDING "The institution's primary purpose is to acquire, develop, lease and otherwise provide suitable housing to individuals with DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES" .....The property is leased or otherwise provided described above by the institution to individuals with DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES.


North Coast Community Homes has provided more than 60 group homes throughout Northeast Ohio for adults with developmental disabilities with 24 hour on site staff since 1984. Onsite staff check. Developmentally disabled residents check. Eligible for property tax exemption. CHECK. And by the way the newly minted ED of Northcoast is Chris West. Koinonia Homes has been providing group homes for residents with developmental disablilities since 1974 when all the state mental hospitals closed down. On site professional staff for mentally disadvantaged residents check. Eligible for Property tax exemption.

EDEN however who owns a wide variety of real estate with a value of over $50 million dollars  With ZERO GROUP HOMES in North East Ohio including 1 bed room condos and commercial storefronts according to their Articles of Incorporation amended in 2014 "provision of housing opportunities and related services to LOW INCOME, mentally ill and disabled persons." Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. NOTHING like Koinonia Homes and North Coast Community Homes who play by the rules. And check THIS out! The attorney representing EDEN states IN WRITING (and I have a copy with much more "information"...like more than 50 pages) that ALL of their properties are used for individuals who...."have substance abuse disorders, HIV/AIDS, co-occuring substance abuse disorders and the chronically homeless." Kind of NOT REALLY the definition of developmentally disadvantaged according to the very specific terms provided by our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. And DEFINITELY NOT ELIGIBLE for the exemption. And of course the rent is ALL PAID THROUGH SECTION 8. AND ZERO STAFF trained to assist the DEVELOPMENTALLY DISADVANTAGED.

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NOT QUALIFIED as Developmentally Disadvantaged

NOT DEVELOPMENTALLY DISADVANTAGED: Drug addicts, Homeless, People with AIDS. This is the OFFICIAL list of Developmental Disabilities: ALL OF WHICH MUST BE DIAGNOSED BEFORE THE AGE OF 22, according to the Federal Developmental Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000.

1) Nervous System Disabilities (affecting the nervous system, spinal cord as well as the brain)

2) Attention Deficit Disorder


4)Cerebral Palsy

5) Bipolar Disorder

6) Dyslexia

7) Dyscalulia (closely associated with dyslexia inability to recognize numbers)

8) Dysgraphia (inability to write alphabets or sentences in order)

9) Fragile X Syndrome (FMR 1 gene/protein is unable to participate in normal development)

10) Metabolic disorders

11) Phenylketonuria body is unable to process PHE found in food leading to brain damage and mental retardation

12) Sensory related Disabilities (developmental disabilities causing problems related to sight and sound)

13) congenital Rubella causing deafness and/or cataracts in a fetus

14) Williams syndrome is a rare condition where missing genes in a newborn cause learning disorders, sunken chest and feeding problems.

15) Degenerative disorders that cause physical, sensory and mental defects

16) Rett syndrome affecting mostly girls whereby there is a slowing down of brain growth causing problems walking and seizures


THE ABOVE ARE DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILILTIES. I repeat drug addiction homelessness and AIDS are nowhere on this list. THESE are the developmental disabilities that qualify an organization for the PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION.