Legal, Official *NEW* Bone-Thugs-N-Harmony Song Of The Day: "Rebirth"

This is a real NEO creation

"Rebirth" - Amazing

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I love "Rebirth"

I've probably watched "Rebirth" 50 times and love it more each time - love watching each band member lay down their raps - great video treatments and very classy look and feel - each rapper has so much personality - I especially love watching Bizzy rap in his unique sound - each member has a unique sound - the sound of Cleveland!

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If you don't know Bone well, SEE them now!

This offers a great legal sample of all their rapping styles in a very sweet package - nice to SEE BONE Legal again!

Look forward to seeing them live in Cleveland soon - I AM SURE!!!!

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Don't let these lyrics scare you

Bone don't hate YOU. Bone ain't gonna shoot YOU. They LOVE their FANS.

One thing I learned from discussing rap with Keith Winston (a black Cleveland musician/singer, like Bone) is that the lyrics about guns and chopping off people's heads are not literal - Bone ain't gonna chop off our heads - the raps are directed at other rappers - the drugs being peddled are raps - this is called competition in the music industry - outsiders hear these words and think these are lyrics directed at the outside world but they are not - it is a bragging thing between artists - slam-down - big-time wrestling...

Bone the best rappers - you ain't shit...nigga...  "everyone wants to rap like bone bone bone..."

Get IT? Showbusiness - bragging stuff - selling records and sneakers for BIG CORPORATIONS. Get IT?

Sure gets people stirred up, doesn't IT!

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