Magic Realism

Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 09/06/2009 - 23:13.

If nothing else, today proved to me the power of magic realism.  Nelson Cintron is a good man, a kind man and a man gifted with the power to transform.  He is not a perfect man, but like all of us, when he tries, he can perform magic. 

I met his beautiful daughters again today--las mariposas.  They were dressed in their work uniforms, but they too have the magic.  This is one political showdown, but these girls, especially, and their brothers and sisters have the secret, and they will change this sad part of the world, because their father has taught them the importance of caring enough to make a difference.

Rick Nagin

 Rick is certainly a good candidate that is worthy of voting for. He is the one that I went to when Nelson was my elected rep, and had a realistic handle of how things work at the neighborhood level. He has been criticized for being too global in his perspective by the PD, but all that means to me is that the PD could not really find anything else to criticize him about. After he left as the assistant to Nelson, he continued to work with area residents because that his where his passion is. He is also new "blood" with experience but without the baggage. He knows the mechanisms of the council inside out.

A number of candidates have visited my mother and she has enjoyed "all these nice young men". She said, though, that Mr. Nagin seemed like the one who would really fight for the little people. She also said that his communist party affiliation is his own business and has no bearing on local elections.  She is a wise woman.

I say think long and hard about your choice, and vote for that which you may have to live with over the next four years as Cleveland faces all the issues brought forth in this forum. 

you mean he's nOt ***magic***

 thanks for the FACTual info, Deb...

clear minded politics

 Laura - what Ward 14 desperately needs is a councilman who will perform. You do no one a service with your "magical" encantations of "secrets".

Cintron had 8 years as councilman of Ward 14, and NICE as he might be, the area sank further into despair. Santiago won on the idea of change, change from Cintron - because Cintron wasn't working. Santaigo didn't run on a record or accomplishments - no one knew anything about him and he had no experience in politics. People were just that desperate to get rid of Cintron.

Its insulting (and discouraging) to think that the next councilman of Ward14 will win the ticket because of charisma. It does no one a favor.

Your disparaging Nagin because of his union connections (and the previous insinuations surrounding his support of the communist party) is insulting to anyone of intelligence. And I think its an honest question to ask if that kind of fundamental mentality doesn't insult and harm our neighborhood.

Big labor and the sellout

  Rick is funded by Big Labor, which unfortunately is part of the machine apparatus here in NEO.   It's too bad, but that is how it stands.  Rick "believes," but he will compromise.  Nelson might compromise,too.  I can't say for sure, but unions need to stop fueling the contract corruption in NEO.


 where do you get this?


 I am pro labor. I am pro union and also quite aware of the problems and corruption that occurs in some parts of it. It sure was nice to have kick bush all over the place the last few years. 

Both Nelson and Rick are supported by labor. May whomever wins use it wisely.


those nice people who brought you weekends...

and paid holidays.

and sicktime.

and VACATION time!

and a 5 day work week....

oh! those m-fers!!!!



Sometimes it takes a while to have memories come forward. Here is one: 12 years ago I worked on Nelson's campaign in the general election. When I did the GOTV calls, it was from an union hall that set up the phone banks. Nelson has also been pro-labor so I don't see that as a major downside for either.

I hope that you are not too disappointed in your union, Laura. If you have been with the Library for a while, you know that it started with District 925. The District was an outgrowth of 9 to 5, the National Association of Women Working. District 925 then affilated with SEIU, then the rest is history.  Warts and all, it has made a difference.


Thanks DWebb--SEIU is a union making strides to empower workers and hold high standards, but as we all know unions took a big hit and corruption was a big part of the undoing. SEIU broke with AFL-CIO, because the history was too much and undermined real confidence in who the union actually represented.

Management still has the big stick.  SEIU is working to regain worker confidence in the unions, but we have a long way to go--to reinvigorate and train the American workforce for sustainability, not the bottom line.

And--thank you for acknowledging past union support for Nelson Cintron.  Nelson understands unions, and served as a union steward.  He is definitely on the side of the working man and woman.  Rick is a good man, but this time around, I am putting my vote towards Nelson Cintron.