Meet the Member from BP on the Greater Cleveland Clean Air Campaign – YOU ARE NOT WELCOME!

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 07/30/2010 - 15:30.

A realNEO member posted information on the Greater Cleveland Clean Air Campaign, which refused to grant me permission requested in advance IN WRITING to videotape proceedings of their last meeting - I sought to put these proceedings online for citizens to view over the Internet. As we are denied public access and participation in the Greater Cleveland Clean Air Campaign, I believe it is important for the public to see who is on the membership, which is entirely funded by the Cleveland and Gund Foundations, and is the regurgitation of a similarly chartered committee that has not met for 10 months, which has significant responsibility for the failure of all air monitoring and controls in the region, under their watch. Their watch include the eyes of many major regional and global polluters, including BP and other major source point polluters, and far too many pollution enablers.  I protest!

Greater Cleveland Clean Air Campaign – Revised Framework

Mission:  Improve public health by reducing local and regional contributions to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and Local Impact Air Pollution (LIAP).  Building on the successes of the Cleveland Clean Air Century Campaign, engage local air quality stakeholders in assessing and reducing local and regional GHG and LIAP contributions.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Assess and monitor local, regional and nationwide contributions to LIAP and GHGs from point, area and mobile sources and resulting impacts to public health;
  • Evaluate emission reduction strategies that can reduce local contributions to LIAP and GHGs, through education, legislation, enforcement, public and private policies, and other means;
  • Advocate for implementation of effective and sustainable strategies to encourage, promote, support and require government, corporate and personal actions to reduce both LIAP and GHGs.


Agency/Neighborhood Contact(s)
Cuyahoga County Health Department Terry Allan, Rick Novickis, Stephanie McConoughey  
City of Cleveland Health Department* Matt Carroll, George Baker
USEPA – Westlake* Anne Marie Vincent
USEPA – RTP Air Study Davyda Hammond
Ohio EPA* Bill Skowronski, Keith Riley, Ed Fasko
NEORSD Frank Foley, Robin Halperin
NOACA* Amy Wainright
Environmental Health Watch* Stu Greenberg
Earth Day Coalition* Chris Trepal, John McGovern
Green City Blue Lake Institute* David Beach, Brad Chase
Ohio Environmental Council Devan Willemsen
Cleveland Foundation Richard Stuebi
Gund Foundation John Mitterholzer
Cleveland State University Sanda Kaufman
Case Western Reserve University Dorr Dearborn
Tri-C Herbert Mausseur, Stephanie Strong-Corbett
MetroHealth Medical Center Dr. Sumita Khatri
Cleveland Clinic Dr. David Lang
Lee-Miles Neighborhood Elvin Vauss
St. Clair-Superior Neighborhood Cory Riordan
Neighborhood Leadership for Environmental Health Kim Foreman, Mark McClaim, Fatima Allen
BP Bob Leidich
First Energy Mike Jirousek
ALCOA Richard King

*Campaign Advisory & Steering Committee

Campaign Advisory & Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will provide guidance to identify potential inventory sources of GHGs emissions and assessment tools; assist in setting Campaign meeting agendas; reviewing and editing draft/final Campaign recommendations/report(s); and identifying responsive education/behavioral change campaigns that require additional/individual funding.

Campaign Activities

  • The Greater Cleveland Clean Air Campaign will meet approximately every six weeks
  • The Campaign will identify, review available inventory data on the sources and amounts of GHG emissions produced locally from point, area and mobile sources of pollution and information on air pollution impacts on public health
  • The Campaign will meet late July 2010 to identify, review assess potential GHGs reduction strategies, policies and regulations that could be adopted throughout Cuyahoga County
  • The Campaign will meet early September 2010 to continue reviewing and assessing GHGs reduction strategies, while initiating the development of local and regional emission reduction strategies, policies and regulations
  • The Campaign will meet early November 2010 to finalize a series of recommendations that include local and regional emission reduction strategies, polices and regulations, as well as the identification of educational and behavioral change campaigns that require additional/new funding

Campaign Results

  • (Re) Establish collaborative partnerships and alliances among members of the Campaign
  • Improve public health by reducing local and regional contributions of GHG emissions and LIAP
  • Develop voluntary and regulatory emission reduction strategies, policies and regulations to reduce local / regional sources of air pollution and GHGs
  • Develop a long-term funding strategy for the Campaign and its member efforts, including the identification of a new lead partner to manage the Campaign

another cover up?

seems to be contagious.




BTW - This was probably Citizen Hauser's last public hearing, where he told our corrupt government leaders how broken was the Medical Mart Process, now haunting Cleveland and the region today.


Cuyahoga County commissioners urged to put off medical mart groundbreaking

Who sold Cleveland down the Vornado river for this boondoggle? Every community leader in the region.

Yes, the MMCO project is already dead - and it well should be.

And our leaders sure as hell should have listened to Ed!

Corrupt motherfuckers.

Disrupt IT


And so is the pollution monitoring devise- on purpose.

I am fed up too, Norm.   Wanna go out and "Catania" some people with me?  I heard it is a great stress reliever.

I have Cataniad so many people this week I'm Cataniad out

I have Cataniad so many people this week I'm Cataniad out - but it was largely by phone, so I didn't have the opportunity to hit anyone.

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I'm more the First Blood type - "Nothing's Over"

I'm more the First Blood type - "Nothing's Over" - if I'm going in there's gonna be blood

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BTW - pollution monitoring deviceS - plural

BTW - pollution monitoring deviceS - plural - as in many - since 2003, at least!

Disrupt IT

I'm handling this as a consultant

I'm handling this as a consultant - cold hard reality - based on the data I see people should be fired.

I expect to see my recommendations carried out.

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They don't even have representatives from each County in NOACA

They don't even have representatives from each County in NOACA - there are pollution monitors and polluted CITIZENS in Sheffield Lake (usually works), Medina (rarely works), Cleveland (should be 2 - is only one - neither ever really seem to work), Akron, Canton, Youngstown (usually works), Warren (only works for 24 hour?!?!) and Painesville (never works).

How many counties is that? Greater Cleveland.

Further, the facilitator falsely claimed this was a "citizen" committee yet it was not organized with citizen input, we were not welcome at the meeting, and we were not allowed to offer input there. I asked the facilitator to provide a list of citizens involved in this... last I heard from her... that was before their meeting, which I protested IN ADVANCE, to the office of the Senator.

Disrupt IT

Cracking me up

this dialogue would be funny, if it wasnt' so sad...and, we're the ones labelled crazy...BTW, Jerleen wrote up more great pieces in this month's Plain Press on Erich Hopper and the shit treatment he's been getting via TWDc etc. It should be available on line soon

The Clean Air Meeting....

Dear Norm,

       I attended this meeting after you sent me all of those emails. I recognize your concerns....but what I gained from the leadership at the end of the meeting was that they were actively attempting to brainstorm, collaborate and consider names of folks who would be community liaisons, collaborators, and who could get the word out to the families/people of Northeast Ohio about all of your concerns.

1) They are looking for any citizens or orgazational members who are interested in joining the team to disseminate their info and results to help increase Clean Air activities and to keep the public informed.

2) I made several recommenations to City of Cleveland EPA rep & group, including: 

A) CMSD, FACE office: Dr Dorothy Sterling and Tammy Stembridge who can disseminate to Family Liaisons at all schools and further distro to students/families daily via the School Parent Organizational leadership. I advised that the best day of the year would be to set up tables at EVERY CMSD OPEN HOUSE in the Fall distibuting pertinent educational info about their resources/activities/campaign.

B) Cleveland City Council/Council reps could distribute to citizens in their public distibutions/media newsletters.

C) Community Development Corporations/NPI would be a great resource for getting word out to families, specically through their publications.

D) Real Neo media publications.

E) Social Media (Facebook/Myspace/etc.) 

F) Block Club leadership involvement with checklists.

3) They made recommendations about inviting people from vaarious leaderships: 

A) Mayors/City Councils etc

B) Railroad reps

C) Major  organizational reps...

D) Citizen involvement

Lots more to share....but they were quite receptive to public involvement. They invite anyone with a concern/consideration to work towards improving out Clean Air quality to visi them and participate.



Who are they?

Who are they? 

What are their rights?

What are citizen rights?

I'm done with Brownwashing in NEO forever, and these are the brownwashers. I know them all well.

They are not forgiven for our pollution.

Disrupt IT

BTW - I am asking the Federal EPA to sue THEM

BTW - I am asking the Federal EPA to sue THEM.

Read about the Texas EPA and know WE are the most corrupt place on Earth - worse them Texas... no doubt.

As I told the Senator's aid, about this den a thieves.., POLLUTERS WANT TO BE REGULATED.


HE AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Regulate these people... don't sleep with them.

Disrupt IT

And they did not INVITE citizen participation

And they did not INVITE citizen participation... I know...

.... and they refused to be recorded for public review.... I know

Facts are facts. I have the facts on local air quality.

Did they discusss this?

Did you know the Air Quality Was Unhealthy for Everyone if not Severe July 27 & 28, 2010?

Did they explain why the air monitoring equipment has been broken for 8 years?

I want THEM all in jail or fired myself, as a citizen!

Know I take the poisoning of my children VERY PERSONALLY - THIS IS NOT MY POLITICS!


Disrupt IT


Cleveland's elite institutions consider if coal has a place in their future

The alarm bells haven’t started ringing, but environmental groups and concerned citizens are nervously eyeing a permit renewal for a coal-fired power plant in University Circle. It is likely the plant will continue to burn coal here, yet the renewal is seen as a litmus test as the city’s cultural and intellectual elite—many of whom have taken a public stance to be more environmentally correct—expand their appetite for power to keep pace with an institutional growth spurt.

What the hell is he talking about?

ding ding ding - alarm bells ringing Lefkowitz

This is urgent, for coal burners and citizens.

You realize GCBL heats by MCCO Coal?!?! Right?!?!

Disrupt IT

Norm, let's all progress forward

Norm, I love your vigor, tenacity, and absolute dedication to conquering this bad seed issue...and all of them.

However, now that all of these practices have been disrupted by valiant efforts such as yours, it's time that we integrate and embark on overcoming the historical practices that were corrupt. It's not going to happen over night. However, if we all collectively unite, bring the voices to the forums, and keep on working at promoting transparent accountability...I believe that we can work to reform the industry issues to degrees of satisfaction in a shorter amount of time. 

I recognize your absolute frustration. I am still learning a ton about various issues on this subject. Yet, I felt extremely happy when they opened the doors and invited much more public participation in the process. The upcoming meeting is a valiant opportunity for you to direct leadership into that forum so that the word can spread like wildfire about what actions and efforts are being taken to begin the reparation process.... Yet, educating the public is a great start and you got me there and now we need to get many more folks that the educational process of reform can begin.

I know that your absolute vested heartiness to this entire issue has brought about changes that you are yet to feel. No system is perfect. Yet, it's our goal to promote the top ethical considerations possible in the interim of it. Thank you again for leading me to this invaluable learning curve. I hope that we can collectively ignite a fire of reform and empowerment that inspires all citizens to heed the need for change.

May God Bless! 

Keep up the great work!