Sent to Mayor's Action Line, which has been quite responsive lately

Submitted by Oldroser on Mon, 07/19/2010 - 08:03.

It being the only way I know to reach Mayor Jackson about the Sammy Catania problem.

Subject: Mayor, please exert leverage, we are once again given a very bad image that may be long lasting

Should we have a even a slim chance of hosting the Democratic Nominating Convention, I would not be surprised if competing cities managed to refer to if not show the truly disgusting YouTube video of Sammy Catania verbally, profanely, and profusely attacking Guy Templeton Black, a 71 year old man, at great length, and ultimately physically attacking him. At the end Sammy is identified as a member of Tremont Development West, not a mafia gang as one would expect. This man is a gangster, not a gentleman, and has no business representing any part of our city, no matter what his skills with bars, restaurants and developers.
Since I live in Tremont, although I do not know Sammy and have in fact never seen him, I know that he does NOT help elderly people in his ward, as you can see by correspondence below with Chris Garland, monthly reporting that Sammy has not shown up with the papers to help me, ending with me ultimately informing Mr.Garland that he has an insubordinate employee in Mr. Catania.  One would think that he would be put on probation for that, and for having treated another citizen the same way earlier, with witnesses but no video. Now I hear that Tremont West has met, but has not fired the man!! THAT only makes it a richer story: Cleveland, the mobster city. Evidently controlled by, run by, and approved of by gangsters.

Beneath is the correspondence alluded to, ultimately ending with me informing Chris Garland:

"Sadly, and with irritation, I must report that Mr. Catatania has never written or called me after his last email saying he'd want to come to my house to see me sign. The pile of papers I got together within a few days have been sitting out since early January when I emailed him first that they were complete and when was he coming by.

He has just abdicated his responsibility to me and is disobeying your request that he contact me. I don't know what the deadlines were to apply or when the work was to be done. No doubt it is too late, but it was not too late when we corresponded, and if it is too late it would be due to his lack of follow up. However, there is always the next year.
I hope he does a better job of assisting Tremont residents that he has with me and that he does not make a habit of flouting your requests. I would think that you are his boss, in which case he is willfully disobedient.  Perhaps he has in other cases, but you didn't find out. Not everyone is as persistent as I."


Oldroser, you must not have deep pockets

or something to offer.


The questions that keep rolling through my mind is that:

TWDC has a Safety Committee  and up-dates are often sent out to many people in the community.  What is often included in some of these reports is a request for everyone to take part and write letters to the judges in support of "the maximum sentences" to be handed out to those who commit crimes in our community.

Will there be fair and equal treatment for all?  Will the Safety Committee request that letters be sent on Guy's behalf to the judge presiding over Guy's case asking for Sammy to get the maximum sentence for his assault crime? or, will they be standing in line to support him (Sammy) asking for leniency? 


Oldroser, we need more

Oldroser, we need more people like you.  We need more individuals that will tell it like it is.  Not sugar coat all this bull that's being shoved down our throats and trying to make us think we like it.

I was so glad to meet you the other day and am looking forward to sitting down with you and having a nice long chat.


Oldroser is good company

very sweet.