Walls are coming down - Unify Project and United Way

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Thank you to Sam Allard:


The newly announced cuts will disrupt or dismantle a wide range of area programs, from a food and clothing distribution program at the May Dugan Center ($16,000) to a Step Up to Quality (SUTQ) Early Childcare Professional Development Program at Starting Point ($145,000). The plurality of programs currently receive funding in the range of $50,000 to $80,000 per year. But 10 individual programs — including two at the Centers for Families and Children; workforce development programs at Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries and Towards Employment; financial stability programs at CHN Housing Partners and the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cleveland; the Earned Income Tax Credit Coalition at Enterprise Community Partners; a housing stability program at EDEN; and a vocational rehabilitation training program at Vocational Guidance Services — all currently receive annual funding above $100,000.

(Note: Sam Allard's wife works at Towards Employment)

Thank you for this announcement and the suspicions raised about the Unify Project, now Unify Labs - run by Sharon Sobol Jordan, and financed by United Way, while she served on United Way's Board of Directors.

One of Sharon's acolytes, Richey Piiparinen, worked for the bogus Unify Labs for a minute - he left pretty quickly - he now sounds the alarm:


Yes, Richey, we have a BIG problem -the charlatans running this region.

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United Way --address poverty by funding GCRTA


Free transit and the staffing to provide a two-person crew on every vehicle - one to drive and one to provide security and control behavior.  Cleveland Public Library has finally realized that b/c our libraries are paid for by taxpayers - does not mean people can treat us like sh-t.  The same is true of GCRTA drivers.  Daily they are faced w/untreated mentally ill passengers, teens with mental disablities and the homeless.  My #51 driver patiently allows a teen who should be in school (his relatives or foster parents collect his SSI and his brother's SSI) ride with him ALL day.  This is what United Way needs to address - NOW.

Famicos Foundation


Director John Anoliefo $127K + salary. 

Famicos Foundation
Cleveland, OH | EIN: 34-1053534 | Number: 1317101066
The mission of Famicos Foundation is to "enhance quality of life in Cuyahoga County ...
And, since when does Famicos have ability to "wite out" back debt on properties?  $21K wited out on a Glenville property in 2017 that never went through the Cuyahoga Land Bank.