Is It Fair To Only Close Schools On Cleveland's Predominantly Black East Side, Are Slated Teachers Layoffs Unfair?

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Yes, it is unfair to close only schools on Cleveland''s majority Black East Side
42% (8 votes)
No, it is not unfair to close only schools on Cleveland''s majority Black East Side
5% (1 vote)
Yes, laying off 650 Cleveland schools teachers is unfair.
0% (0 votes)
No, laying off 650 Cleveland schools teachers is fair.
16% (3 votes)
A schools deficit and declining enrollment call for school closings and teacher layoffs and the Black schools should go first
37% (7 votes)
Total votes: 19
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When the citizens, parents, and residents of Cleveland...

Begin to comprehend the "MASTER PLANS" of their neighborhoods, communities, and City at Large; then they can participate in public forums that STEER & ALLOCATE funding... They can openly speak up, communicate with leadership, and understand all about how they are being used as DEMOGRAPHIC PAWNS for FEDERAL CDBG FUNDING and much more... NSP Funding... etc...

SADLY, too many of the masses of residents of ALL DEMOGRAPHICS are politically uninformed at large; leaving a very very small percentage of citizen activists and outspoken advocates trying to educate the rest of the people who-at the end of most days-could care less about the way politics at large drive the long term issues of their communities.

It is disillusional to walk door to door and communicate with people who are "ANGRY", who blame but take no productive measures towards uniting to fight the regimes, and who are absolutely overwhelmed by the abusive practices of our local government.

This is not a "Black & White" issue in Cleveland. This is about quotas of "LOW INCOME" at large from ALL BACKGROUNDS being used as tools for ascertaining huge funding....that pays the salaries of teachers, staff, and administration of schools. The dwindling population of people in our city cannot sustain the district that has lived large for a long time. Change is healthy and the West Side has been hit hard too with school losses at the end of streets.  

Your poll seems slanted if you ask me. I don't mean to be so forthright, but it disappoints me to see such a poll on REALNEO. If a "WHITE" person made such a poll we'd be hit with so much rhetoric it would be unreal. What about all the "IN BETWEEN" people not calculated on that poll? 

Life has not been fair to Cleveland.... The people have been violated at large by countless systematic abuses. Yet, it is not as simple as "black & white" as you write... This type of poll is what the politicians in Cleveland enjoy...."keep the blacks & whites sparring about race issues so that they stay confused and dumbfounded about what's really going on behind their backs...moreover when they fight, go to jail, and stay divided; they cannot share information; they can keep our legal system in business and they cannot unite to fight us back!!!!" As long as your remain in a tunnelvision dynamic about this subject matter or those like are simply not going to see the light of day!  

If you so wish to make a difference on these issues, please begin to truly investigate and understand the 2020 Vision of Cleveland and the countless MASTER PLANS which also are an integral part of this equation! White families have the same concerns when it comes to their children's educations and so do the hispanic families and chinese families and arabic families etc....

I enjoyed sharing info on how to inspire parents to partake in the school system issues... Start with getting rid of those gentrified, smug, condescending folks who greet you at the doors and snub their nose at the less than perfect citizens who are parents of the students in the schools. Stop treating them like less than desirable human beings because a parent has a "history" of any degree. Stop dehumanizing them when they do attempt to partake in school events. Start with a little basic human respect at large....

Heck, how many CMSD parents are getting assistance? How come the CMSD is not collaborated with Department of Job & Family Services to qualify volunteer work at the schools as verifiable "community service" for the DJFS requirements? Why wouldn't they do something so invaluable? Comical... 

Unite parents at large to fight such issues...but don't divide them on the race card... it's not healthy for anyone in the picture.


Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Quotas.... CMSD.....

Million dollar salaries going to well educated administrators who cannot seem to politely convey to the public at large that there simply are not enough tax dollars coming in to Cleveland to sustain the situation much more....

If you were managing the district's finances; what would you do? 




Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"

Very well said.....From

Very well said.....From "Million dollar salaries"  (please tell me that's a little hyperbole?), to "politely convey" to "not enough" to "sustain the situation"...........Keep it tight and clear like this.  Facts are facts...stubborn things.

someone put up true accounting on dr. sanders for gbw pls

Always Appreciative, "ANGELnWard14"