Meeting the poets at Meet the Bloggers... Artists at Gutterhall

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 09/07/2006 - 22:53.


There is a core group of really cool people in NEO committed to developing a great intellect and quality of life here, and they turned out in force this Thursday evening in two very different but interrelated ways. Free speech enthusiasts gathered for a poetry-laced fund-raiser for social consciousness catalyst "Meet the Bloggers", at Tower Press, and other free expression enthusiasts turned out for "Street Repairs" at Spaces... between the two, perhaps 1,000 of Cleveland's finest turned out, showing NEO at its best.

Poets at Meet the Bloggers benefit 

The crowd at Meet the Bloggers was a who's who of sincere economic development leadership here... a flashback to REI meets "Making Change" without the psudo-sustainabilitists. And the poetry was great. I came to hear Michael DeAloia read work from his book of poetry "Roses on the Gates of Hell" (excellent), and I was equally impressed with all the work of perhaps a dozen poets... we have some great writers in NEO these days.

Spaces Opening 

On the other side of the river, Spaces served up a challenging and invigorating show - "Street Repairs" - bringing together some great art and installations with a huge crowd that spilled out onto the Superior Viaduct. Much fun... the small exhibit space off the main gallery was turned into a gritty club scene that showcased national phenomenon Cobra Verde and the Derek DePrator Trio that really rocked... as the room is about 20'x20', the objective was not to present a concert but a "Gutterhall" psyche. The overall effect of the exhibit and opening worked great, but I'll need to return to Spaces to really take in the show, as the large crowd obstructed appreciating the exhibition itself... that will be a pleasure.