NEO will benefit from closing Constant Systems, if we leverage the opportunities ahead

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 06/11/2006 - 10:01.

Last week, I had a chance to catch up with Constant Systems' Aiden Audouy for a report on their progress for basing some operations of this exciting biotech company in Northeast Ohio (see scenario here). The news for Constant Systems world-wide is all great, offering incredible opportunity in the coming months and years for NEO, may we close Constant Systems. Read on...




My understanding is Constant Systems is making progress collaborating with healthcare providers in the region for research and development and for commercialization of their unique biotechnology (photo above)... and they have made great progress in the USA in general expanding their business opportunites for this hemisphere. Between networking, marketing and trade show participation, Constant has generated a wealth of relationships around the USA and Aiden and his team are going on the road following leads. This means they will no longer be based in NEO, unless NEO steps up with a strong pitch to lock in their marketing operations here - NEO, throw support and incentives at this biotech division of $billion entrepreneurial industrial powerhouse Score Group of the UK.

Why bother? Well, because NEO hosted Constant Systems here and provided good access to relations and insight on our region's distinctive competencies, it appears Constant Systems wll now have parts for thier technologies machined here, in the Greater Cleveland area. If $ multimillion Constant buys here, more of $ billion Score Group will but here, and that could offer huge industrial opportunity.

Further, in 12-24 months Constant Systems should be ready to develop a facility in the Americas to manufacture their devices... ideally for their entire global market (yes, we can do it better and for less here than in the UK... or anywhere else). If Constant Systems brings biotech manufacturing here, Score Group will certainly be more likely to manufacture major industrial components for their international  industrial complex - that wouls obviously offer more employment opportunities in design, engineering, sales, service, administration and support.

These are just the sort of develpments NEOans want to see happen here.  Yet, to date, I'd say we only deserve a C+ for our ability to deliver strong  economic development outreach and support to this global enterprise. Right now, NEO businesses are in line for $ millions in economic activity, which may become much greater, but I don't believe this region's leadership gets that. And the longer the region's leadership doesn't get Constant Systems, the more certain we will keep failing in overall economic development here, whatever the sector and industry.

I'll keep pushing that message and I encourage other leaders in the community to do the same - post your thoughts on how you may help here.