Vast Majority' of Career FBI, DOJ Agents Wanted Clinton Charged (MELANIA TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT

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FBI, DOJ roiled by Comey, Lynch decision to let Clinton slide by on emails, says insider

The decision to let Hillary Clinton off the hook for mishandling classified information has roiled the FBI and Department of Justice, with one person closely involved in the year-long probe telling that career agents and attorneys on the case unanimously believed the Democratic presidential nominee should have been charged.

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Casino Slush Fund in Ward 14 -- ask Brian Cummins : why does Faraj family make out ?

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 Attached image shows allocations from 2012-2013 - I have asked reporter Mark Naymik to provide an update.  Brian Cummins is giving $10,000 to Ali Faraj of the Aragon Ballroom development (for water line) and an undisclosed amount to Fred Faraj (relation?) -developer who is attempting to revive Brooklyn Centre plaza foreclosed by Peter Rubin Coral Group (Coral is landlord for Detroit Shoreway Development Corporation - where Jeff Ramsey plays fast and loose with CDBG funds and developer fees).

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“Cleveland's Persistent Public Square Protester has No Plans to Stop” by Michael K. McIntyre,

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"Cleveland's Persistent Public Square Protester has No Plans to Stop” by Michael K. McIntyre,, September 10, 2016

P.C. run amok

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I watched this video where the poor, uber liberal egghead nearly choked when his own methodology, going back to the 1984 election, and using political data that goes back to 1860 election, had to admit that Trump will win. His basic theory is there are 13 factors and if one politician, or party, gets six or seven of them they will win. The egghead shows Trump with six. Well, Doomer Doug took a look at his 13 and comes up with a minimum of ten for Trump.

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The Truth About the New York Bombing (stay home

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The establishment is already in full cover-up mode. See video below for more on the cover up.
New York has been placed on full alert after 29 people were injured in an explosion in the Chelsea area of Manhattan on Saturday evening, with at least one other device being investigated by police in the city.
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West Virginia cop fired for not killing a man with an unloaded gun (mayor jackson chief williams hire this fired police officer

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We’ve tracked countless cases here where cops were able to keep their jobs after killing unarmed people, killing people after responding to the wrong house, killing people and then lying about it . . . the list goes on.

Give the Weirton, W.Va., police chief some credit. He’s come up with a new spin on the the same problem. He just fired a cop for not killing someone.

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Putin Assassination Attempt kills Driver - Video Slow Motion (moral - drive curb lane - prepare for war & any thing

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Published on Sep 8-2016-Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “favorite chauffeur” has died in what looks like a high speed, deliberate head-on crash. The Russian president, who was just in attendance at the G20 Summit in China, was not in the car at the time.
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Paying for Experience over Things-Labor Day 2016

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I rode my bike down to the Air Show yesterday - Labor Day 2016.  It was a beautiful day to see the diversity that is CLE.  

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A monster coronal hole is facing Earth: Coronal holes thought to cause large quakes -(sept. 2-3 after- EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE

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Solar wind flowing from the indicated coronal hole could reach Earth as early as Sept. 2-3, producing active conditions in the geomagnetic field. Credit: NASA/SDO.

A monster of a coronal hole is facing Earth, coronal holes are said by some experts to influence or cause quakes on our planet.
We could be in for major quake activity from Friday onwards.
The above coronal hole is an absolute monster

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Comments to PD's weak editorial -Watchdog on leave

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FTR - I posted this morning and there were no investigations recorded for 2015 and 2015...and suddenly - *Presto - there is some effort to show that the County IG actually does something....


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The Ghosts of Cleveland Policing Consent Decrees Past, Present, and Future

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At last night's CPC meeting I spoke about The Ghosts of Consent Decree Past, Present and Future.
This is from the DOJ's December 4, 2014 finding letter (attached - The Ghost of Consent Decree Past):
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jim simone honest police officer - when jim was promoted to detective - jim went back to being a patrol officer- its more honest

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(BADGE 387) my jim simone like proactive service canine sophia honey yoga won't let me go to crowded places for our safety because of our truth to power activisim - you all know - although with jim there we would be well protected and the other good police officers and civilian heroes there to get their book sign etc. - sophia would be barking at every one carrying a fire arm etc. - especially jim because he's so dangerous or sophia would want to stay and protect jim and his loved ones

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