court Witness/Victim Service Center refused to assist guy templeton black, lily miller, jerleen justice have assisted

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i went to victim services per the prosecutors courts brochures and instructions papers per the assault and menacing by sammy catania and prosection and showed the paper to employees and requested someone to go to court with me to support me - the employees didn't know what i was talking about - at that point i knew catania must realy be connacted to some very corrupt folks at the justice center - so i called someone that knows - that went through the process and he told me to ask for eric - i asked for eric and all of a sudden the person knew what i was asking for and set down with me and and explained what is the brochures and assigned a lady to go the court with me -  See more on this assault here

the first court date the lady was there - the lady discovered i was video taping myself when mentioned i hope my batteries last - she told a baliff that i was video taping - the baliff instructed me to follow him and in the door way between the court room and reception area he demand my video camera - i told him your not going to get my video camera because i'm taping my self in my pocket of my shirt and not taping anyone else and he demaned it again in a very intimadating threating way so i went back into the court room as i told him i going to see the judge and why didn't you ask me in the court room and as i was telling the judge in the open court what happen the baliff ran to the judge and whispered to her and i told the good judge early, that i'm taping my self and no one else and that i'm a senior that is hearing impaired and i don't trust the system not to make mistakes wittingly or unwittingly  and as a victim of an assault by a connacted person i have to protect myself - judge early said  "i don't mind " i said thanks judge-

i complained to janet l. kronenberg, manager of victims services and a steve called said he was sorry that what happen and said eric will call me and go to court with me  eric called a few time and i called eric back as we missed each other but i left messages for eric  of the court dates and back ground and eric left messages he would get a copy of the police report but nothing about going to court with me- which about seven court times later no victim services help-

but lily miller , that works for the county prosecutors office, toke off work to drive me and or meet me at court and also jerleen justice, and diane this last hearing with signed petitions - i introduced lily to kim barnett the asst . prosecutor a few court hearings a go as my advocate - so kim knows this fact-

at the dec 2, sentencing hearing for catania - lily posted on her blog - lily was upset and judge stokes after ordering some of catania's supporters out of the court room for being unruly - talking - the judge got angry at lily for talking under breath as lily got up to leave and her purse dropped to the floor and that didn't help and as lily left the court room the doors don't have a  real strong vacum from hitting the walls and bank the door hit the wall and the judge yelled to the baliff go get that  person i'm holding her in contempt of court and she going to jail for three days and lily was brought back and put in a holding cell as i advocated to the judge for her release mainly lily is a county employee that is helping me in court and  also i asked the prosecutor barnett to tell the judge that and she did and the judge ordered lily released after about five minutes and to aplogize to the court which lily did with an explanation that she been advocating for me for about about five months with many court appearences and -

after the judge discovered she didn't have the court file for catania and catania wasn't on the court docket either - and another court date had to be given for sentencing - lily said she left the court room without thinking  that its not the judges fault and lily is sending a written note  to the judge also-

lily acting out brought out that - as i told the judge county victim services has refused to be my advocate in court and judge stokes was upset that this was happening and ordered the prosecutor to contact victim services for guy and the prosecutor said she would and if that happens it will be for only one time because the dec. 10, hearing should be the last-

this case has been fixed since the beginning and all the many incidences will be brought out- from victim services - prosecutors - court - clerks - but the system can't fix the energy that runs the show - and so far we have justice isn't free - justice costs-

goddess bless all the woman in the criminal justice system - if the man were running it all - it would be a lot worse-


yogi guy



 Cuyahoga County of Ohio Home PageWitness/Victim Service Center

Witness/Victim Service Center 
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Mission Statement:

Since 1974, the Cuyahoga County Witness/Victim Service Center has protected crime victims' rights to receive advocacy, information, and access to community services.


Ohio law provides victims with specific rights. The Witness/Victim Service Center promotes and preserves the rights of crime victims, including:


  • The right to be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect
  • The right to be informed concerning the criminal justice process
  • The right to be heard in certain criminal court proceedings
  • The right to protection from intimidation and harm
  • The right to preservation of property and employment
  • The right to referral to available community resources

Witness Victims ServicesEven if there is no criminal prosecution, there is information available to crime victims to address a variety of issues. The Witness/Victim Service Center assists crime victims' learning about available options and making informed decisions for themselves and their family.


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Excellent citizenship and reporting GUY!

You rock, Guy. You have singlehandedly exposed so much corruption and stupidity in our community and government you should receive a medal.

To join the world of hate and corruption in real NEO, link to Sammy...

Of the people linked to me via Linked-in, the following are linked to Sammy (time to clean out some of my connections, I see) -


I consider him an enemy of the people... especially as I see how is is linked to the corrupt injustice system here - I linked your posting to my Facebook page with this comment:

This is the real face of corruption in NEO - a disabled veteran abused by a connected psycho shithead and OUR shitty corrupt justice system, wasting citizens' time and taxpayer resources as justice is not served. Pa-fucking-thetic.

Disrupt IT

As far as I can tell, Catania doesn't have Facebook Friends

As far as I can tell, Catania doesn't have Facebook Friends...

Anyone seen Sammy Catania lurking around Facebook?

I doubt he'll have many friends anywhere in the end.

All he had to do was apologize, I'm sure. Now it is too late for him, and those associated with his evil sort of living.

Disrupt IT

Old school corrupt folks don't show transparency online....

They are stupid corrupt idiots...but most of them vehemently stay away from the online forums, online social networking, and anything that can link them to eachother because they are obviously trying to avoid having their lives be transparent and they know that they are under scrutiny...

It's all a comedy of errs... The alleged public servants and their associates who refuse transparency are the ones in question...They are the sneaky snakes who slither around in their underground, closeted, and mafia oriented circles having one on one meetings within their networks to do the dirty deeds of corruption....

Meet your pals at the pub and have a hush hush underhanded discussion about what needs done... The pal tells his next associate and then strings are pulled and then files are lost and the Judge is made to look like a jerk...if they are not already involved.... and the poof... magic in Cuyahoga County!!!!


victim's RIGHTS week, details Guy you might be interested in


Events set for Crime Victims Rights Week


----snip--  with National Crime Victims Rights Week, which is April 10-16.

"We want to make people aware of the services that are available. You never know if you are going to be a victim of crime. People may not know there is a victim's advocate here to help them, or there is a domestic violence shelter, or the Crime Victim's Compensation fund can help them with medical bills, or relocation expenses if they are a crime victim. We are here to help," said Tiffany Kiger, Wood County victim's advocate.

The victim awareness event at the park will be conducted from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and include informational displays and booths with representatives from the U.S. Attorney's office; Mothers Against Drunk Driving; West Virginia Division of Health and Human Resources; Court Appointed Special Advocates (who represent child abuse victims); Family Crisis and Intervention Center (local domestic violence victim advocates). For the kids, Smoky Bear will be visiting, Eddie Eagle with the Division of Natural Resources will talk about gun safety, there will be face painting and free popcorn.

There will also be information about the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department will have representatives on hand. The Arc will fit bike helmets and the Mid-Ohio Valley Highway Safety group will have child safety seat information, Kiger said.

Local victim advocates helped organize the 11th annual event. The April 16 activities are free and open to everyone.

There will also be police cruisers, fire trucks and a DUI simulator. There will be a balloon release at 2 p.m. to raise awareness and remember and recognize crime victims.

"The event is free and there will be information available at every booth, there are activities planned all around the state," Kiger said.

Kiger, who works out of the Wood County Prosecutor's office provides a variety of services, information and referral to crime victims. From Oct. 1, 2009 through Sept. 30, 2010 the office provided 7,035 services to 3,584 victims.

The office is funded through the Victims of Crime Act and the prosecutor's office provides a match for the grant. Victim's advocate services include liasoning between attorneys and victims, keeping victims apprised of court schedules, assisting with understanding of the court process and procedures, providing referrals to other community services if needed, helping with victim reparation, providing rides to court hearings, and just providing support, understanding and an empathic ear.

Each April since 1981, National Crime Victims Rights Week has been observed in communities nationwide, promoting victims' rights and honoring crime victims and those who advocate on their behalf.

[[/ end copy]

If indeed you can't get answers from one office, call another,




The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?