Ghosts of EC 1: Question of the Day: What is Coming Out of this House at Farmington and Forest Hills in East Cleveland?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 05/04/2010 - 07:25.

What is this coming out of this house in East Cleveland?

Question of the Day: What is Coming Out of this House at Farmington and Forest Hills in East Cleveland? I won't try to explain, as I can't.

Last night I photographed this abandoned house at Farmington and Forest Hills, in East Cleveland (for a picture of the yard sign) and when I looked at the first photo this morning I noticed a "cloud" coming from the upper left corner of the house. This photos was taken handheld with natural light, with a 1 second exposure - there is visible hand-shaking - the "cloud" coming from the house seems to have appeared during this 1 second photo and seems to have its own movement.

A flash photo of the same scene, taken 10 seconds later, shows a lingering or distant impression of this cloud. A second flash photo, taken another 3 seconds later, shows a more distant or dissipated remnant of this appearance.

These three photos were taken within 13 seconds - I did not notice anything coming from the house at the time I took these photographs - only upon reviewing them this morning. These are digital photographs and the Nikon Nikkor AF-S 12-24mm 1:4 G ED DX lens was dry and clean, in perfect condition - Nikon D300 12.3 Megapixel camera in perfect condition.

Here is the sequence of photographs and details in series:

Nikon D300 - 24mm - No Flash - ISO720 - 1 Second - f4 - 11:56:47 PM May 03, 2010

Nikon D300 - 24mm - Flash - ISO1600 - 1/60 Second - f4 - 11:56:57 PM May 03, 2010

Nikon D300 - 24mm - Flash - ISO1600 - 1/60 Second - f4 - 11:57:00 PM May 03, 2010

I can't explain this. Can You?

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Wholly Bat Wings

The Political Gangster

                                  Wholly Bat Wings Norm we have to call the GHOST BUSTERS!!!!!!

I'm sure you know the house I'm talking about...

I'm sure you know the house I'm talking about... no explanation for these photos, but Lakeview cemetery is right across the road and a few 100 feet away

The cloud is very cool looking enlarged even bigger

Disrupt IT

norm set video camera to fast speed horizon dusk = forms

norm set video camera to fast speed clear horizon dusk = forms - many forms dark objects large small many feet - longer - best in clear horizon - like country although city is good  without city lights - let camera run for hours a few days check  for EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL TERRESTRIAL - they are all around us and come in us and out of us - we all EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL - do a live feed on realneo coop over your back front yard - we can name them - me and yogi need and want single females spirits form - i'm not joking - set video camera live feed to realneo coop and demand request command good ed houser to appear ed will he may right away or take time - realneo coop saiaunce (spelling)


yogi and guy

Explain this photo first

Explain this photo first - I don't need any new photos to explain... I'm trying too figure out this one. Name these guys guy.

Disrupt IT


We used to have them all the time

--as kids--haven't heard that word for awhile.  We used to levitate people, too :)

I have been inside this house

I have been inside this house with Norm and a realtor about three years ago when it was for sale. It did n't seem particularly spooky inside, but it was infested with feas. Hundreds of them started coming out of the carpet upstairs and biting me on the ankles. It looked like racoons were regular visitors and probably caused the infestation.

The house, althougth large had an awkward layout and a cramped feel to the front entry and main stairs. It house had been updated with a 70s decor and a rec room in the basement which smelled musty. I liked the arts and crafts details on the exterior and the large second floor porch near where the ghost or whatever seems to be floating. The third floor was the best area, a large open room, like a ballroom, with lots of natural light.

The house sold for about 20,000 shortly after. Someone began renovating it but stopped and it has sat empty. I thought it was secured and boarded up but I noticed this spring that someone had broken in in the back door. I have not been inside but I would guess it has declined quite a bit.

evelyn its 'fleas" - but it was infested with feas.- ha ha ha h

evelyn its 'fleas" -  "but it was infested with feas."- ha ha

yogi and guy