Real NEO Book of the Day: "Just a Couple of Days", by Tony Vigorito

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 11/05/2009 - 04:22.

Graffiti inspiration for "Just a Couple of Days", by Tony Vigorito

Real NEO's favorite librarian, Laura McShane, recently posted on REALNEO "we can agree that aerosol art can be a thing of beauty", which made me think of the graffiti above, which inspired the first novel by Tony Vigorito, Just A Couple Of Days

From Wikipedia, "The title Just a Couple of Days comes from a piece of graffiti which appeared on both sides of an overpass just outside of Athens, Ohio on U.S. Route 33 and remained there for over two years. The open-ended tone of the declaration is related to the plot of the book, and the way the words can mean different things to each person who sees them."

Original cover of "Just a couple of days" by Tony Vigorito

Tony has roots and family in Northeast Ohio, so is a "local" author.

We became acquainted in 2000, around the time he self-published Just a Couple of Days. A gifted and unique thinker and doer, Tony's dedication in writing and bringing to press this deeply personal novel was astounding to see. I believe he printed 2,000 copies, at considerable effort and expense.

I gave two copies of the original self-published edition to then Cleveland Plain Dealer Editor Doug Clifton, for himself and his book reviewer, but I don't believe they ever reviewed the book, in the PD... probably never cracked the covers. Now, they are collectors' items.

Just a Couple of Days received glowing reviews elsewhere, around the world... "a madcap adventure of a sinister government plot and an apocalyptic vision worthy of Kurt Vonnegut...", they wrote.

Laura's posting about her graffiti experience inspired me to check up on how Just a Couple of Days succeded, since Tony cranked out the first edition, in 2001.

I was pleased to learn, from Wikipedia "it has since achieved significant underground success (earning Independent Publisher's "Best Visionary Fiction" award), and was re-released by Harcourt / Harvest Books in April 2007. Satirical and philosophical in tone, its tag line is "You are invited to the party at the end of time.""

“Just a Couple of Days is a most intriguing book; well-written and daring. It's the kind of ground-breaking work we look for in these awards.” --Independent Publisher

"Just a couple of days", by Tony Vigorito - Harcourt/Harvest edition front cover

That is an astounding achievement.

No love from Cleveland, but plenty of love from fans world-wide.

Tattoo of cover image from "Just a couple of days" by Tony Vigorito

Anyone have a Plain Dealer logo tattooed on their back?

From the Just a Couple of Days website:

The symbol floating in the center of the mandala is called the Cosmic Egg. All Arabic numerals and alphabetical letters are contained within its ellipse, demonstrating that everything that can be numbered or named is contained within one form at the beginning. Originating as a piece of mystical iconography, it represents the Logos, the realm of all experience and knowledge.

Anyone on REALNEO read Just a Couple of Days?

Check it out!

Tony has since also published Nine Kinds of Naked, to glowing reviews, as well.

"Nine Kinds Of Naked" by Tony Vigorito - cover art

And, for $0.75 shipping and handling, Tony will send you an "Argue Naked" bumper sticker, as explained here:

Click here to order an Argue Naked bumpersticker

Definitely, my choice of REALNEO author and book of the day, for at least just a couple of days.

I look forward to reading Nine Kinds Of Naked, and encourage you to check out Just a Couple of Days - surely available at your local library (Laura, I assume?!) and via

And, REALNEO, perhaps we should all argue naked.

Congratulations Tony!

Tony Vigorito (editted)

  Is featured and available in Northeast Ohio at Cleveland Public Library.

The author is published in Hebrew, Polish and Spanish.  I am sure those editions will show up at CPL, too. 

Norm, some of those would

Norm, some of those would make beautiful quilt patterns. 

REALNEO recommends

Thanks for the book recommendation, Norm.

I am loving it so far--it has a Craig Ferguson Between the River and the Bridge appeal :)

Why don't you have CPL contact Tony about speaking

CPL seems to feature lots of writers - why don't you see if the Library wants to have Tony speak and see if he is available... he is very interesting.

I look forward to your review of his work...

Disrupt IT

On it :)

Oh yeah...btw--how can you get those original copies back from the PD??! They are missing out of you can bet they are worth some $$$. 

I'll ask the PD Publisher and Editor to give them to the CPL

I'll ask the PD Publisher and Editor to give them to the CPL, but Goldberg and Egger are so disrespectful, I doubt they'll respond.

And, if they are worth money, they definitely won't give them away... the PD needs money.

I gave up on Egger and Goldberg months ago - I tried to be respectful and helpful, but they proved disrespectful and undeserving.

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