Thank you Ronn Richard, Richard and David Goldberg, and the Board of the Cleveland Foundation

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 02/01/2010 - 15:39.

Clara Evelyn Roulet, 1 minute old

I was so busy yesterday having a beautiful baby girl (by waterbirth - by hypnobirth - amazing photos and video to come), I didn't have a chance to thank Ronn Richard and the Board of the Cleveland Foundation for a second great gift that day, showing they recognized the need to transform our regional redevelopment and transformation efforts at the core, after many years supporting and funding what we now have. I believe this opens up new world's of opportunity for our region, just when they are needed most.

 The Moment Of Birth - Hypnobirth - Waterbirth

The Moment of Birth - Hypnobirth - Waterbirth - no medical intervention - the miracle of life

The Plain Dealer's panicked and unprofessional response to the Cleveland Foundation's reasoned actions may be the straw that breaks the Plain Dealer's back, and give me reason to believe Clara Evelyn Roulet will never have the opportunity to read the newspaper I grew-up reading, in any format. I don't know if the editor and publisher there really understand the fire they are playing with, in defense of a bunch of Christmas card buddies far outside the true power structure here.

Time to make some new friends.

I appreciate the bold demonstration of leadership by the Cleveland Foundation, saying they want to fund more, and focus on more smart things in Cleveland... MY TOWN. I may not like all their current directions, but I look forward to seeing changes made by them now make enough difference to turn-around even some of the worse outcomes of the past few years, and allow our community to do great things ahead. The Cleveland Foundation has the wealth and power to help enable that, working with independence and with the citizens.

Thanks again, Cleveland Foundation... from Clara Evelyn Roulet, as well.

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oh hOOray!

and she looks just like beautiful Evelyn!

congratulations on a beautiful baby girl! Happy Candlemas!

Norm Roulet

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter.

the corrupt system is saying 'oh no another keifer roulet"

the corrupt system is saying 'oh no another keifer roulet"

yogi and guy

I wanted to name her Yogi

But you know that is taken...

Thanks for your warm thoughts

Oh no is right

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Perfect Gem


From the father of two little girls..."Congrats man!!!"

She's perfect.



They may teach us so much

If we are able to learn

Thank you

Thank God

Norm that's a beautiful and blessed baby girl to have( two) great parents 


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The Political Gangster

Mazel tov

  As my father sang...after four daughters...may the gods shine upon the Keifer-Roulets.  Congrats to all and if you need books...well, you know who to call ;)

a lovely addition

Congrats to you all!

Nice work Evelyn and Clara!

evelyn norm what kind of water ?

evelyn norm what kind of water ?

yogi and guy

real NEO H2O

We couldn't afford the Evian, so this baby's first immersion outside the womb was in Cleveland tapwater.

Those folks had better be doing one hell of a good job at the Water Department... I kept a water sample and will be analyzing it when technological developments in our society make that easy and affordable... any problems and I'm hunting down the whole water department crew and Mayor Jackson, to their graves.

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Evelyn &

Evelyn & Norm,

Congratulations, blessings to your new girl.

May you and Norm bring her happiness, health, knowledge, and joy!

Be well,



Congratulations! Clara

Congratulations! Clara Evelyn Roulet is beautiful. 

Thanks real NEO

I always know where to go to share my news - good and bad - and Clara will always know where to find her friends, and her friends will know where to find her first picture in the world, and they will all learn what was really happening in the real world, at her birth!

That's real NEO.

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Congratulations, mom and dad, and good health to Clara.

Many Thanks realneo Community!

I appreciate your kind words and wishes. Thank you for your part in making the world a better place.

There's no place like home

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"When I was delivering babies..."

My father is a physician who did his internship and residency (and worked and taught) at the same hospital where Clara was just born... same place I was born.

When I told him Clara was born there completely naturally, by waterbirth, by hypnobirth, and it went perfectly... Evelyn's third perfect med-free hypnobirth... he reflected back on the dozens of babies he delivered, and how differently he was taught to deliver babies. I assured him most babies are still delivered the same wrong ways.

If our society and community may be so wrong about something so natural as having babies, what are we right about.

Video here...

Women in labor under hypnobirth

Women in labor under hypnobirth

... and here...

Title: realNEO ambient 14 - Women in Hypnobirth, in Waterbirth, Falling Asleep While Having her Baby

This High Definition ambient film clip is of an expert hypnobirthing mother, during her third naturally-wonderful, perfect hypnobirth, January 31, 2010, in hard labor, fully dilated - no medications or medical intervantion, other than a midwife breaking her water, later - one hour and 10 minutes before the baby was delivered - where she falls asleep between strong contractions that are less than 2 minutes apart. She has been up the entire night before tiling a bathroom, has not slept, and was stressed until she began focusing on her hypnobirthing.

She - my wife - and I strongly recommend hypnobirthing.

She is also waterbirthing - her first real opportunity to deliver that way - and that is amazing, as well.

Title: realNEO ambient 14 - Women in Hypnobirth, in Waterbirth, Falling Asleep While Having her Baby

StarringEvelyn Kiefer Roulet
Clara Evelyn Roulet
Amazed Observers

ProducerNorm Roulet
LocationHospital Room
Cleveland, Ohio realNEO

Time12:10 PM
Fully dilated
Hard labor
1 hour 10 minutes
before delivery

Contractions2 minutes apart

CameraPanasonic AG-HMC40PU

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thank god we're the fringe...

 thank god we're the fringe, Norm.

Mob mentality is ruled by the least common denominator. 

But then, they often come around to the "freak" view, don't they? even if they aRe a little slow about it and they can't resist smacking you down in the interim.

At least we have our children to lead a better way. Bless Claus and Max and Clara.

dbra we are the main sreet not the fringe street

dbra we are the main sreet not the fringe street

yogi and guy