Warn the World About Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown's Family Coal Fired Pollution Factory in University Circle - Disclose MCCO

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 09/05/2010 - 06:34.

I'm starting my deep research into the corruption that is Medical Center Company (MCCO) - Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown's family coal fired pollution factory in University Circle, Cleveland Ohio - and as I search the web for articles about Senator Brown's energy policy, I find good opportunities to educate the world about the harm his family pollution does here.

For example, the Breakthrough Institute has a posting about Senator Brown - The Sherrod Brown Test: Finding Consensus on Climate Policy... If we want to pass policies that will truly catapult the United States into a clean and prosperous energy economy, slash global warming pollution, and make clean energy cheap and abundant, we need to pass the "Sherrod Brown Test." - to which I posted the following clarification for the world:

You should disclose Senator Sherrod Brown's brother Robert Brown is Chairman of the Board of Medical Center Company (MCCO), which is a coal fired steam plant in a poor urban disadvantaged Cleveland neighborhood... burns 44,000 tons of coal a year... pumps over 4,000 tons of pollution into our air (since the 1930s) - all to heat private institutions like Case Western Reserve University (where Robert Brown is Treasurer), University Hospitals, the Cleveland Orchestra and the Cleveland Museum of Art - and they want a license to burn coal for 5 more years... and want to build an additional coal plant in the same neighborhood... Sherrod is the King of Coal in Ohio.

I think preserving low coal prices is both Browns top priority - they are hardly environment friendly.

Sherrod's only real "test" is whether environmental policy makes MCCO coal-burning more expensive, or forces MCCO to move away from coal (as is the environmentalist intention here - with the help of the Sierra Club Campuses Beyond Coal efforts... as MCCO heats Case Western Reserve University).

So, unfortunately, this family has financial interests in keeping coal as cheap as possible.

And they have a mole in mainstream media, being Sherrod Brown's wife, Connie Schultz, the "Pulitzer Prize" winning journalist at the Plain Dealer, which is a dying Newhouse monopoly newspaper in Cleveland that seriously still disputes climate change as real.

Don't expect anything good from Ohio leadership regarding energy policy for the world - seriously disturbed people here.... fight them to the end...

More at http://realneo.us/content/i-am-contact-senators-staff-about-these-confli... - read and weep... and be real about Ohio politics, which are blacker than coal.

I may not be able to save my family and property from harm from the Senator, but I can warn the world about his pollution here, and I shall.


The Political Gangster

          Norm I feel like we're in the KILLING FIELD. I'm tired of this family killing my family and I'm ready for war.

... this is the worst location in the nation.

We need to get the regular people like us to understand what has been going down with pollution and related corruption here and get mad as hell. Until they are mad as hell and not willing to take it any more, they will just keep being victims. We need to take these battles to the people and get them to understand their God-given and legal rights as Americans... we are all being screwed here by our corrupt leaders, and it makes life here worse than worthless... this is the worst location in the nation.


Disrupt IT

From EJB and Mitch Schneider - Sherrod Brown vs. Josh Mandel

 Eric J Brewer: 

Here's a freebie for you Democrats. Let's see what U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown does with it. It would be so easy for Democrats to beat the Republican ticket next year if only they knew how to use all the dumb shit Republicans have done against them. Y'all need my help big time.

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel is an unregistered "foreign agent" of the state of Israel. I'm making a statement not an allegation. Here's a link to a 2014 editorial he co-wrote with Illinois State Representative Carol Sente "promoting" the state of Israel's bonds to other state governments. 

Do we lose either way?

 Mitchell Paul:

"  North American Jewish federation is a bunch of crooks...here is the proof.
Your donation is at risk.
Here are Jewish leaders endangering ( and stealing from) their own community.
Here is an interesting true crime happening now.
The charity set up by Jewish federation's leadership ..is a kickback scheme with unqualified incompetent leadership."