To Trolls Who Question the Value of RealNEO, a Demonstration of Value for the World Created Here

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 03/23/2010 - 07:01.

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Over the past year or so, realNEO.US has been attacked by many Trolls who register accounts to post comments and blog entries that are inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic, submitted with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. As recently as yesterday, I had trolls attack me, my family, my friends (on and off realNEO), my work products, and realNEO. The attacks against me and my family seem obsessed with realNEO's success in general, the originality of our content, our leadership with open source software, my use of realNEO as a sandbox, my concerns about lead poisoning, and my apparent "paranoia".

As a technologist who is concerned with social media, with a significant investment in my career and this real community, I consider it important to dispute such attacks against me, especially as posted by anonymous Trolls. I consider such trolling an attack on my intellectual property and the value of my work products in general, which I do not take lightly, and about which I am far from paranoid... and I am very protective.

RealNEO is an indisputably innovative, unique, and important open source social network deserving of respect if not appreciation - I prove that here for my family, who have helped fund and support this, and for all members who have brought this community this success... and I prove this with the chart below, showing realNEO's importance among social media in the region of Northeast Ohio - go to "realNEO ICE 25 Regional Social Media Benchmarking Sample: 15 Month Analysis from November, 2008 - February, 2010" for more related insight...

To say realNEO is anything less than exceptional is rubbish.

Regarding the originality and quality of our content, I take personal offense to any claims we are not exceptional.  RealNEO is an outstanding Drupal content management system with over 11,000 nodes of original content posted by our members. I am very proud of my content posted to realNEO... and I am proud of my wife's content, and the content of other members. To disparage that is insulting many people. Not to celebrate us is dishonest, or ignorant.

One example of my personal content the world is certainly celebrating - and that is helping many women have more natural and wonderful childbirth - is highlighted in the traffic chart from YouTube at the top of this posting. I'll feature these videos of my wife having hypnobirth here again, below, because this realNEO content is so original, unique, exceptional, authentic, local, and real NEO... created because we have realNEO. These two clips have a combination of over 32,000 views worldwide, in just six weeks... wait until the world sees the documentary we are making from this...

realNEO ambient 14 Women in Hypnobirth in Waterbirth Falling Asleep While Having her Baby

realNEO homemovie 1 Women in HypnoBirth in Waterbirth Delivering Baby Happy

I'm equally pround of my other videos posted here, and of my photography - 1,000s of pictures I have featured here, that have been appreciated by millions... largely celebrating Northeast Ohio.

I'm equally proud of all my writing here, largely organised in my Blog - I appear to have over 500 postings there - featuring important social commentary, valuable insight, and a wealth of planning that I am executing, in open collaboration on realNEO.

Of course, the greatest example of that economic development in action is our action now on the ICEarth Conceptual Framework I wrote about a decade ago, and have been advancing since... leading to development of Bigbang computers and ICEarth Linux, which are impossible to dispute.

ICEarth Internet Community Earth Animation

I'll close this posting highlighting real NEO-related developments really worth celebrating with the ICEarth Bigbang One Fly-By Tour 1... and ask what in any of this there is to attack, and why should any of us have to deal with Trolls?!?!?!... 


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This is not paranoia... it is called the real world of business

In the high performance computer market, one computer brand ICEarth Bigbang is definitely sharing space with is Alienware, by Dell... but they don't offer a native Linux version... and are more expensive for what they do offer... etc...

... but I digress...

When I see Alien-anything attacking me, I look for motherships.

This is not paranoia... it is called the real world of business.

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You're not paranoid, if they're really after you...

...even paranoid people have real enemies.

By refusing to deal honorably with others, you dishonor yourself.

I rest my case

Thanks, Bill.

I rest my case.

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Logging out...for the morning...get a life :)



awesome videos Evelyn, wondering too Norm, why not sell advertis

Why not offer banner placement ads off the home page? Why not sell advertising banners like other sites do? 

I have no idea how many pages this site contains, how much bandwidth it uses, but I do know it has costs.

Who pays these monthly costs now? 

I have seen ads sold throughout every page of websites, just wondering why this site has not used that avenue for curbing some of the expense here?

Of course, you WOULD have to take care of the fake posters. It is not just trolls that are ruining the site, it is regular posters too, posting under fake handles (like truth b told) and all the other ones made up, just to trash others. Even those that are posting under just inititals, that is so backwards too. Have the posters stand up and put their real names like most other sites that are putting out great content do - making them sign their work.

Why not eliminate the option to have fake handles, no names; and IMO that would stop alot of this low life postings, attacks and hit and miss trashy postings.

THEN remove the pages that offer nothing but trash and you would have a website that could earn a nice income.

Then too, it would not need so much

"babysitting" from you and others who seem to really care about the success or not of realneo. I just fail to understand why you all PERMIT the trolls and fakers to ruin your hard work in presenting this nice web site. If you got rid of them too, perhaps if you all wished to sell it one day, it would bring in more than it will in it's present condition, IMO, Betty


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