1,000,000s of lives will be bettered in very few years - and I appreciated your help accomplishing this

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 02/20/2011 - 22:56.


MCCO near complete - next steps

Norm Roulet <norm [dot] roulet [at] gmail [dot] com>     Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 12:40 PM
To: Chris Ronayne <Cronayne [at] universitycircle [dot] org>
Cc: hershel daniels <hersheldanielsjunior [at] gmail [dot] com>


I'm pleased to see posted to the MCCO site that they are now committed to shutting down their coal boilers and will add no more. You should feel great satisfaction for this - 1,000,000s of lives will be bettered in very few years - and I appreciated your help accomplishing this.

As next steps, I am working with Hershel Daniels (cc'd here) and Cincinnati Change on many initiatives in Cincinnati and Cleveland and I have asked them to act as environmental justice change agents and mangers in collaboration with organizations and government here to completely eliminate lead poisoning in East Cleveland, to create a community that recognizes, supports and treats all lead poisoned victims as victims, in education and justice, to make the community a global model of transformation for that. I'm working with the EPA and other Federal agencies in DC to bring significant help here to address remaining environmental justice issues - especially lead poisoning.

In addition to creating 1,000s of jobs painting, landscaping, training, educating, counseling, treating, researching, analyzing, mapping, etc., for which there is real federal funding (including $4.5 million just allocated to Cleveland and Cincinnati this month), this will offer our business, academic and medical communities the opportunity to take global leadership addressing one of the world's greatest challenges.

Through Hershel I am connecting all the key players worldwide to accomplish this, and you are certainly one of the most important connectors for this moving forward in the University Circle area and region. I'll be largely focused on other responsibilities - as soon as possible, I'd like to arrange for you, Hershel and I to teleconference on some next steps.

Again, congratulations on the transition of University Circle away from coal - this will bring a brighter, greener new day for each and all of us.

Email us when we may connect by phone, and I look forward to moving on,

Norm Roulet
ICEarth - realNEO - real coop
norm [at] realneo [dot] us



What Chris Ronayne did to help...

What Chris Ronayne did to help... he had morals and told the Sierra Club and me truths... and didn't support coal burning at University Circle through his organization, UCI.

Heaven forbid other leaders follow in his footsteps... with honest, competent leaders we DON'T have to live in hell in Cleveland after all.

All it takes is doing the right things.

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children with type 1 diabetes exposed to higher levels of ozone

Type 1 diabetes
Air pollutants are some of the only environmental contaminants that have been directly studied in relation to type 1 diabetes. A 2002 pilot study on five different air pollutants and type 1 diabetes in southern California found that children with type 1 diabetes were exposed to higher levels of ozone (O3) before diagnosis than healthy children (Hathout et al. 2002). A larger, follow-up study in 2006 found that children with type 1 diabetes had higher exposure to ozone as well as sulfate (SO4) air pollution, as compared to heathy children. The effect of ozone was strongest, while exposure to other air pollutants, including sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and particulate matter (PM10) were not associated with type 1 diabetes development (Hathout et al. 2006). A strength of these studies is that the researchers measured exposure to air pollutants over time, from birth until diagnosis. A weakness, however, is that in order to measure exposure levels in these children, researchers used the air pollutant levels in the various zip codes where the children lived each month, instead of measuring exposures directly (e.g., by using a blood sample).
Ozone is a major component of smog. Ground-level ozone forms from the interaction of various air pollutants, including those found in car exhaust, with sunlight. Ozone levels therefore peak in the summer. Interestingly, there is seasonal variation in type 1 diabetes incidence, and some environmental factors that vary during the year are therefore suspected to contribute to disease development (see the type 1 diabetes incidence page for details).

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Dear Governor Kasich: I understand

Dear Governor Kasich:

I understand you are trying to reduce healthcare spending. So are we, in East Cleveland. We are taking the novel approach of shutting down coal burning furnaces polluting our community, leading to reductions in diabetes, asthma, cancer, respiratory illness, premature births and deaths, Alzheimer's and many other pollution-related health crises in the area. Most exciting to government, the cost to the state and nation to capture these healthcare savings will be $0, and 1,000,000s of citizens beyond our little city will benefit.

We hope you will show support for our preventative healthcare efforts here, which we believe are the key to the success of the state.

Where we will need outside support is for lead poisoning eradication, which will have even greater benefit to our long term economy.

Good luck with the rest of the state,

East Cleveland citizen Norm Roulet.

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Monumental achievement-Cleaner Air for NEO

I will say this again--and again, and as many times as it takes for folks to hear it...

Thank you Norm for sticking your neck out and for "moving the mountain."  Through your efforts you reached out to Chris Ronayne and worked for change.  I can also not thank Chris Ronayne enough for his courage and strength. 

I personally know Chris and have worked with him.  It's not easy in this corrupt climate to stand up and say "Enough is Enough" and, "Let's LIVE the right way." 

I am personally proud to have been at the MCCO hearing, and to have testified on that day. 

But, Norm--you deserve special recognition and credit for the future lives saved here in NEO.  The history of the MCCO coal plant is recorded here at REALNEO. You ARE credited for this achievement.  (And, for what it is worth--I will send a letter recommending that you are recognized for the Goldman Environmental Award).

The process is not over. It's never over--but REALNEO has made decisive change.  It's a good feeling.

It's a good feeling

It's a good feeling. Thank you!

But, we can't overlook the importance of the Sierra Club in doing the heavy lifting - they are the experts in making these power plants go away.

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I am clapping my hands ...for Norm...

and all the research and work he has done and will do for our county and our country...and people and the children of our country.

good job, norm

best to stay on your good side.    :)