Now Would Be A Good Time For An Outside Audit of All Things Economic Development, 3rd Frontier and "Film" in Ohio

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 03/02/2010 - 15:45.

What are the results of the $billions in public money spent in Ohio on Economic Development, 3rd Frontier and "Film" in the past decade? Now is the time for an OUTSIDE audit, before our outbound leaders spend more of our money on the wrong things, while asking citizens for more money for the friends of current leadership to transfer to their new chosen-ones.

Do you have a chosen one?

I don't believe a word of any study I've seen on Economic Development in the region in a decade, as they are largely the secret results of people paid through the ED funds they are studying (e.g. at CSU, CCC, Case), which are contolled by the leaders who benefit from the bulk of the resulting funding - e.g. the Cleveland Clinic and University Circle affiliated interests... always the same small party at every banquet table.... always meeting in private clubs.

Time to take ED FOSS.

Simple as that - transparency for all - everyone is naked NOW.

And boy are there some ugly rich naked bodies out there.

See the light

While watching this YouTube video, notice the corporate advertising, and that all the video offers is a stolen song.

Notice what an illegal corrupt INDUSTRY has developed around IT and the Internet under current leadership - here is an amazing song stolen by some punk and "reworked" to seem legal - placed illegally on a corporate server at YouTube  - where YouTube enables advertising to be included in the video stream, with the stolen property, which is then transported across national borders into innocent citizens' homes, and fair use sites like realNEO.

Who profited from ALL this illegal activity? Big computer and software companies and Harvard MBAs, mostly.

ICEarth will put a stop to this remarkable injustice and stupidity, and theft of intellectual property enabled by corporate criminals like the executives at YouTube.

Disrupt IT

And Analyze All Things FFOEF

Fund For Our Economic Future?

Perhaps the community will be pleasantly surprised by the value we have received. No reason to hide, regardless.

I know some ingenious consultants who are not at all affiliated with anything relevant here who would rip our numbers to shreds and come back with actionable, honest, trustworthy insight.

Such a study would cost $100,000s but not $1,000,000 and would have a 1000x payback.

Must not be funded by one foundation or private-interest $. The county commissioners should pay for it and then do what they are told by the consultants until the results are made public - real consultants get real honest results, and provide real honest value.

I know many real consultants who can handle this, from all over the world, and the community will get their money's worth, and be able to hold the consultants responsible for their work.

Get the money together - I'll introduce the community to some performance measurement and management geniuses.

Disrupt IT