Transforming The Economy of Northeast Ohio Will Take Incredible Guts and Many Big Bangs

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 02/16/2010 - 13:09.

ICEarth Big Bang 1 motherboard assembly

Transforming the economy of Northeast Ohio - real NEO - will take incredible guts, new creations, a commitment to real openness, and 1,000s of Big Bangs.

real NEO, say hello to your little friend - ICEarth Big Bang 1. Created and Manufactured in Old Brooklyn - that's in Cleveland, Ohio, Earth.

Welcome to ICEarth - Internet Community Earth - now launching from realNEO, and everywhere on Earth...

ICEarth is real NEO Economic Development!

Baby, it's hot outside - so Chill.

ICEarth Big Bang REALNEO Guts Header

ICEarth Internet Community Earth Animation

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The Political

The Political Gangster               


                                    Hello! IcEarth Big Bang!!!!!!!!! it's about time, now this is doing what the president said. This is called{ helping} america, and most of all where i live in Cleveland, Ohio. And you mean the Big Bang was made right here? in Cleveland? Hello Cleveland! GOOD JOB Old Brooklyn.

GOOD JOB Old Brooklyn

One headcount supported here, by creating ICEarth Big Bang here - the drummer here...

And he is helping to bring 1,000s of Palestinians from around the world to Cleveland for an international convention, this Summer...

Small world... ICEarth!

Disrupt IT

And, in case you hate Muslims

realNEO loves Muslims... ICEarth loves Muslims... but he is Christian.

And, he is a genius, and a human being living in Parma, Ohio, ICEarth, sharing fame and fortune with Cleveland, realNEO, Ohio.

Disrupt IT

And, he is a genius, and a human being...

And, he is a genius, and a human being, and not the only one on ICEarth.

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