TAKE ACTION: Support Water/Air/Soil Restoration Champions... #1 is Good Nature Organic Lawn Care

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 11/22/2004 - 03:35.

If you have a yard, you need to talk to Alec and his crew - poisoning your plants is not a solution to anything, except killing your yard and the environment... learn better ways from cool champions...talk to Jean about your pool/pond too, and you're cool.

Alec McClennan – Good Nature, Organic Lawn Care
(Nominated by: Tori Mills - The Nature Center at Shaker

Since founding his company in 1999, Alec McClennan remains the only
organic lawn care business in Northeast Ohio. While isolated incidences
do arise in which Good Nature must use chemical treatments, they are
usually one-time applications to set the stage for on-going organic
and natural treatments.

Chemical lawn treatments, which often include known and probable carcinogens,
are an attack on soil, water, and air. Indeed, the Laudable Lawn and
Home Habitat project at the Nature Center was created after excessive
levels of fertilizer and nutrients were found in the Doan Brook and
Lake Erie, contributing to the decline of aquatic species and an increased
cost of providing healthy drinking water. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides
have been proven to weaken on our soil’s biological community,
the very agents that provide nutrients, air and water to growing plants.
Synthetic chemicals encourage lush growth at first, but at the expense
of developing vigorous root systems, actually leaving plants more susceptible
to pests and disease. More chemicals are then needed to address problem
lawns, creating a downward spiral of costly chemical dependency.

The Good Nature System focuses on plant health, not sickness. They use
organic materials, usually food grade, that increase a plant’s
natural defense system and encourage diverse soil life, working with
not against nature. When considering the aggregate of residences across
northeast Ohio, we understand how important healthy backyards can be
to improving air, water and soil quality. Alec McClennan and Good Nature
possess the invaluable, technical understanding needed to encourage
sustainable living in our backyards.

In addition to running his business, Alec is very active in education
and advocacy. Every plea for help that I’ve thrown his way, has
been answered with knowledge, responsiveness and a genuine desire to
motivate sustainability in the region. All of the knowledge and time
that has become the backbone of our Laudable Lawn and Home Habitat project
was given gratis.

We at Shaker Lakes have been trying to increase local capacity to provide
professional, alternative lawn care. Instead of viewing this effort
as a threat, Alec has assisted us and welcomes the growth of a new lawn
care ethic, despite the potential for competition to his business. In
true entrepreneurial spirit, Alec is sanguine that Good Nature will
always provide top-notch lawn care. He’s a modest and tireless

Champion: Jean Loria – CJ Waterworks
cw3works [at] ix [dot] netcom [dot] com">cw3works [at] ix [dot] netcom [dot] comÂ
(Nominated by: Gary Cole - Wiring Services)

Jean Loria is owner of CJ Waterworks. She has chosen to apply her biology
degree to development of sustainable ground, and pond and natural swimming
pools. She has installed a swimming pool that uses no chemicals to sterilize
the water only plants and fish are used. She understands the relationship
between ground and water as it applies to natural landscape design.

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