TAKE ACTION: Support Transportation Sustainability Champion - Shop #1 Ohio City Cycles for holidays

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 11/22/2004 - 02:59.

At the E4S awards party, transportation sustainability champion Jim Sheehan stressed that Ohio City Cycles has lots of great gift for the holidays - from recycled bikes to cool eco-cycle art objects and other great stuff so after you shop local and organic at Champion Basketeria, at the West Side Market, swing by Ohio City Cycles for all your other holiday shopping... if you see a solar and biofuel powered van parked out front, that's probably the other transportation champion, Matthew Harris - great people!

Jim Sheehan – Ohio City Bicycle Co-op

(Nominated by: Ryan McKenzie - EcoCity Cleveland)

I would like to nominate Jim Sheehan from the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op
for the Fuel Effective Transportation award. Jim is the co-founder and leader of OCBC, a non-profit cooperative that
encourages bicycling for daily transportation. Through his tireless
efforts, Jim has developed dozens of committed community volunteers,
and has established a vibrant center for the celebration of bicycle

OCBC’s Earn a Bike program takes donations of used bikes and helps
kids earn one for themselves while they learn bike repair and safe cycling.
Surplus bikes are fully refurbished for sale at affordable prices to
support the program. Leftovers are recycled into unique and practical
bike-part arts and crafts, which are also for sale.

The co-op’s shop in the Flats provides members with access to
a full range of tools and a wealth of bicycle maintenance education,
all run by volunteers. Regularly scheduled group rides and special events
teach novices everyday riding skills and build their commuting confidence.

This June, OCBC organized and hosted a multi-day “bicycle safety
educator� training course, adding 15 certified bicycle safety
instructors to our region. They plan to offer fee-based, professional
safety instruction to kids and adults through partnerships with school
districts, municipal recreation centers and other community hosts.

Jim’s efforts have supported and inspired hundreds of Clevelanders
to use non-polluting bicycles for their daily transportation needs,
creating social, economic and environmental benefits. He deserves recognition
as a Champion of Sustainability.

Matthew Harris

(Nominated by: Sherie Renee – Cosmic Bobbins)

I would like to nominate Matthew Harris as the ideal representation
of a Sustainable Champion. Matthew has gone through great lengths and
traveled many distances sharing his knowledge and passion for fuel and
energy alternatives.

Matthew's participation in the sustainable community, whether it be
one of his many workshops with biodiesl, solar cooking, or green building
with straw bale has shown great leadership and accomplishment. He continually
expands his own knowledge and works to educate the community at large
on the importance and viability of a sustainable lifestyle.

The old ambulance that Matthew recently purchased and converted into
the biodiesl, 'The Earthwise Traveller,' stands as an icon for the potential
that our society can reach with alternative fuels and energy; a living-classroom
of our sustainable possibilities.

Endlessly traveling and teaching, always giving of himself, Matthew
never tires, as he spreads his "good word" with nothing but
a cloud of French fry grease behind him; leaving us to bask in the sweet
smell of sustainability.

Matthew Harris

(Nominated by: Suzanne
DeGaetano - Mac's Backs Books)

I am nominating Matt Harris for a Champion of Sustainability Award.
I witnessed Matt's effort to get his van outfitted for veggie oil and
I know that a tremendous amount of work, love and belief has gone into
that project. He successfully took it on the road to spread the
word & educate anyone who would listen to the potential of alternative
fuels. Matt and the van create a lot of interest wherever
it goes and this sparks imaginative conversations and connections.

Matt has also been a mainstay at area farmer's markets demonstrating
solar ovens and solar cooking. Once, during a very busy day when
I did not have time to make or buy dinner, Matt shared some vegetarian
chili he had made using the solar oven at the Coventry Farmer's Market.
It was delicious and sustained me through an equally busy evening!

I believe Matt combines a vision of a better ecological future with
wonderful people skills that help promote ideas in a fun, friendly
and educational manner.


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