Feedback on REALNEO@REI roundtable 03.01.2005

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Tue, 03/01/2005 - 22:51.

Today's REALNEO@REI session had many new faces at the table, and was dedicated to visioning and brainstorming. It's fun to have so much energy in one room - Joe Stanley and John Soellner in one corner working on enhancements to the COIL, getting that ready for "prime time" - a public unveiling at next week's REALNEO@REI session - and the rest of us talking through a range of project issues - cognition - adoption - technology strategy - long range plans. To those who attended the session today, what did you take away? What are the opportunties for this community you see offered through this initiative? What are the barriers to transforming this region in this way? What else do you have to say or do about all this today?

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One for all, all for one

I was glad to see many new faces in the REALNEO@REI session. We need more people to realize this is the future for NEO. Social networking has been the tool for most economically successful regions. We need more success stories like what Joe Stanley has done with neomainstreet.

We need all NEO residents to be saved with REALNEO. Social networking is a diamond in the rough for NEO and REALNEO is the way to polish it to a shine. I hope to see everyone again next Tuesday for Joe's unveiling.

REALNEO@REI Roundtable

I was one of those new faces and was extremely impressed with what is happening at REI and REALNEO and the impact they can have on Northeast Ohio. Many organizations have talked about re-inventing the region and leaving the "Rust Belt" perception behind.  It will take many organizations and individuals working together to make that change.  REI and REALNEO provide the opportunity and the vehicle for the colaboration necessary to be successful.