Would Someone or Everyone Monitor Mittal for me this Weekend?!?! Forever?!?!

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 08/07/2010 - 15:03.

Hexa the Pollution Fighting Witch visiting a cheap new office location she recommends for the Headquarters of NOACA,
the pollution monitoring and highway planning people for our region. Hexa thinks they need a clearer view of the reality they cause.

Since I sent correspondence to Mr. Chopra about concerns about our pollution monitoring here, and posted that to realNEO, the monitoring appears to have become more reliable, for what it is. The system and process are still broken, but I expect we will now see as good of data as the current equipment configurations, technologies, software and people running this may provide, until they are all replaced.

As such, I encourage realNEO members to begin compiling a log of environmental concerns you see around you that may impact air quality, so we may attempt to isolate polluting source point activity to monitor data - the most obvious offender to watch is Mittal. Would Someone or Everyone Monitor Mittal for me this Weekend?!?! Forever?!?!

Yes, that is what is now required. We must observe and document polluting activity in the region and relate that to environmental air quality data, to improve the air pollution monitoring systems and processes and to better regulate and ideally eliminate harmful pollution point sources.

That is one reason why the monitoring data must be correct.

Where I live today, on the East Side, we are enjoying a cool clear afternoon with wind from the NNW at around 5 MPH, according to my best weather forecast data. We are not feeling highly polluted today.... but we are upwind of most point sources today... and the weather is as fine as it gets.

What about in your part of town - do you see and feel any pollution now - today?

Why yes or no, today?

Start keeping logs of records of good and bad air days and your observations why - document observations with photographs and screenshots of relevant data, like air pollution monitor readings... post this information to realNEO.

I can't see Mittal from my home so I can't see how many times a day the torch is lit or how dark is the carbon soot at sunset unless I drive across town... and I have 100s of times. As a service to the community, would some other members of realNEO share some observations - especially of bad pollution days and Mittal - so we may use that information to improve our environmental monitoring and modeling.

I'm sensing today Mittal is not polluting at maximum capacity, and the current air quality readings support that assumption. I need to verify that.

What do you observe about your pollution today?

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MIttal Pollution Observations 08/07/10 6-7 PM

MIttal Pollution Observations 08/07/10 6-7 PM

Evelyn just drove the Mittal route and observed lighter than usual industrial activity and pollution at that time, and the Cuyahoga valley looked pretty clear - seems to match pollution monitor data that is working (Medina and Painesville at least are not working properly at this time). Photos captured - will capture correct screenshots and track remotely.

Evelyn said Mittal may have been stoking up at the time she observed... it is the weekend so this could have been a slow order day - watch for evening activity and spikes and report here... it is a nice clean clear night to pollute... easy to hide in the darkness

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Air Pollution Monitoring Screenshots 08/07/10

The following screenshots reflect pollution spiking from the activity Evelyn observed at Mittal around 7 PM on 08-/07/10 - the monitor data is incomplete and largely worthless without visual confirmation... it is designed and operated to be so deceptive and useless...

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An hour later... in the Troll underworld

An hour later... in the Troll underworld... the data all changes... and more equipment malfunctions...

I guess Mittal is having a REALLY BIG POLLUTION NIGHT

I've been lied to enough today... you watch the rest of the Hot In Cleveland show tonight

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Akron and Youngstown NO DATA at 5 pm

Akron and Youngstown NO DATA at 5 pm

Painesville NO DATA all day... Medina stuck at 7 am all day...  as usual

Warren only reporting for 2r hours periods as usual.

Only one monitor reporting for Cleveland when there are two monitoring stations

Cleveland pollution rose chart not working

All related comparative and trend charts and analyses therefore wrong

So about half the monitors are working in any way that is at all reliable today, and they are worthless as a pollution monitoring system - lucky it is a nice day

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Dear representative of the EPA

Report Prior to Medical Center Company hearing on Tuesday!

Norm Roulet <norm [dot] roulet [at] gmail [dot] com> Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 11:13 PM
To: hedman [dot] susan [at] epa [dot] gov, dorosz [dot] geri [at] epa [dot] gov, ceam [at] epa [dot] gov, catcmail [at] epa [dot] gov, info [dot] chief [at] epa [dot] gov, environmental-justice-epa [at] epa [dot] gov, benabel [at] indecon [dot] com, nelson [dot] peg [at] epa [dot] gov, OIG_Hotline [at] epa [dot] gov, Hotline [dot] IRIS [at] epa [dot] gov, ppic [at] epa [dot] gov
Cc: "Aneesh P. Chopra" <achopra [at] ostp [dot] eop [dot] gov>, "evelyn. kiefer" <evelyn [dot] kiefer [at] case [dot] edu>, "Reitman, Mattie" <mattie [dot] reitman [at] sierraclub [dot] org>

Dear representative of the EPA,

Please see below a message I sent Friday to Mr. Aneesh Chopra, US CTO, regarding air monitoring problems that have been ongoing for years in Northeast Ohio. I brought these issues to the attention of the Ohio EPA, Cleveland Air Quality and our regional clearinghouse, NOACA, with poor response.

I previously contacted the office of Sherrod Brown, our Senator, regarding this, as his brother Robert Brown is Chairman of the Board of Medical Center Company - a major pollution source point polluting our neighborhood, quite secretively. Sherrod's staff told me I was being political for raising the issue and to get lost (I'm a Democrat?!?) - Sherrod has historically been pro-coal. Sherrod's brother refuses to grant public meetings to discuss these problems with his plant. I've asked for his resignation, for contempt.

There is an EPA hearing about the permit for Brown's coal steam plant - Medical Center Company - this coming Tuesday, August 10. For that hearing I intend to submit evidence of ineffective monitoring of air quality here, making it impossible to determine the actual safety of the plant in question. It is that big of a mess. I intend to submit that material to Mr. Chopra, in the interest of improvements in national air quality monitoring technologies, and I would like to submit a copy as high up the EPA as possible, as well.

Here is a link to information about this hearing.


The Sierra Club is helping us address these issues to the national and global level, and I've asked the help of the White House as well. The Sierra Club suggested I escalate the issue within the EPA and I am happy to discuss my concerns as appropriate.... please have the right people get in touch if you may. See links below for related information.

Thank you in advance for your attention to this important issue.

Best regards,

Norm Roulet
1894 Roxbury Road
East Cleveland, Ohio 44112

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From: Norm Roulet <norm [dot] roulet [at] gmail [dot] com>
Date: Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 12:44 PM
Subject: Report Prior to Medical Center Company hearing on Tuesday!
To: "Aneesh P. Chopra" <achopra [at] osrp [dot] eop [dot] gov>
Cc: "Reitman, Mattie" <mattie [dot] reitman [at] sierraclub [dot] org>

Aneesh P. Chopra
Assistant to the President and Chief Technology Officer
Associate Director for Technology
Executive Office of the President
Office of Science and Technology Policy
Washington, DC 20502

Dear Mr. Chopra,

We met briefly at the City Club of Cleveland and I requested your card to follow-up regarding an investigation into irregularities in our environmental monitoring data and technologies in Ohio.

I am preparing to report on these concerns to the EPA, in writing and during a permit renewal hearing in Cleveland, August 10, 2010, highlighting the fact that the citizens of Cleveland, Northeast Ohio and the world have been denied accurate, actionable air quality data here for so long, and our air quality monitoing systems are so poorly architected, it is safe to say we have no idea how polluted and polluting we are. As such, no permits to pollute further should be issued here.

We need to fix our current environmental systems technologies now and provide better community-based and citizen-accountable pollution control systems for America's future - and these systems must be open source, developed and maintained in a ways that are cooperative with citizens. I have much to share on those concepts and systems, under separate cover.

I have proposed to the Sierra Club they may be an optimal third party infomediary for citizens to partner with the US Government on these challenges, as they are the organization helping us fix our pollution problems here at home. Mattie Reitman with the Sierra Club is included in this correspondence, and it is made public on realNEO.us - Regional Economics Action Links for North East Ohio - which is a cooperative-owned Drupal CMS I founded to transform this region and the world with open source IT - not a commercial plug... we are decidedly NOT commercial)

I know these environmental technology issues will concern you and I am preparing my report on these concerns for your primary review. I would like to deliver a copy to your office Monday, August 9, before our EPA hearing, so your office is appropriately briefed. Please let me know if a member of your staff would be available to discuss the report and concerns raised therein in person.

Below is forwarded email correspondence with the Sierra Club regarding these concerns, and more information is found on realNEO at the following links - pardon some very human subjects and language, strong viewpoints and satire, but we are truly polluted here, and it often shows...:


All this material will be provided in print and with electronic links in my report.

I appreciate your vision for the value of information technology to transform the world for the better - I believe we must begin that process at the core, being to really fix the environment with optimal information technology... creating 1,000,000s of the greenest jobs on Earth ever, in the process.

I look forward to seeing these problems solved through your office, and I send my best regards,

Norm Roulet
ICEarth - realNEO - real coop
norm [at] realneo [dot] us

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Your people need to find a new god

Your people need to find a new god

Norm Roulet <norm [at] realneo [dot] us> Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 10:24 PM
To: Mary Devring

Message to National Democratic Party:

We have serious problems with the leadership of the Democratic Party
in Cuyahoga County. At this stage, I consider the corruption and evil
a threat to the nation. Please contact me to discuss. I am a
whistleblower against localized EPA corruption here and consider my
family in harm's way as a result of the lack of morals of our
Democratic leadership here... and I am a Democrat (a real one).

On Sat, Aug 7, 2010 at 10:09 AM, Norm Roulet <norm [at] realneo [dot] us> wrote:
> Your people need to find a new god. I hope the Cuyahoga County and
> Ohio Democratic Parties are not representative of the national
> Democratic party - I shall find out. Do you want to offer any
> explanations to me?
> --
> Norm Roulet
> ICEarth
> 216-688-5221
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Norm Roulet
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And we haven't even gotten back to lead poisoning yet

And we haven't even gotten back to lead poisoning yet - HIGHEST LEAD POISONING RATES IN AMERICA (THE WORLD???)

GOOD WORK LOCAL HEALTH OFFICIALS AND GOVERNMENT LEADERS... good work... time for church and to prey for your souls in eternal damnation!!!!!!!!!

it is 2010... time to have LEAD POISONING ERADICATED.


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oxygen is 80% of our energy - everyone get oxygen equipment

oxygen is 80% of our energy - everyone get oxygen equipment - get a doctor to prescribe (easy these days - can't breath - hard to breath ) insurane will pay medicare medicaid  - sliding scale emergancy rooms - cleveland metro hospiitol etc.  - did you say it norm - 50% of our oxygen is gone from the old days - they have oxygen machines that make it - carry aroud with you - at home - friends homes - i'm getting one for my self and yogi - i will be at lincoln park - tremont offering folks free oxygen hits -

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/

Cancer is cumulative

Cancer is cumulative - best just to accept death from pollution here and go with the flow - don't bother fighting

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norm - all - ustream.com live video -7/24 - watch pollution etc

norm - all - ustream.com - live video - 7/24 - with a camer attached to your computor - watch pollution etc. from your home window - camer on your home - car etc

yogi and guy http://www.nationalwardogsmonument.org/


The only smart thing to do is move away.

What is killing us doesn't show on camera - we live near MMCO - like idiots living near Cleveland Thermal - we can't see the 1,000s of tons of poison emitted each year but it is there and killing us.

The only smart thing to do is move away.

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