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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 04/14/2007 - 15:20.


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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Fri, 04/06/2007 - 09:15.

Seems like a simple idea, but I've never seen it elsewhere.   Will Alsop

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Six Simple Sentences to Save the World : Cryptic Cryptographers and Codebreakers Creatively Collaborate and Cohesively Coalesce!

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Thu, 04/05/2007 - 18:27.

 Many of the world's brightest cryptographers are codebreaking as we speak, in dark labs all over.  The DaVinci Code is the perplexing puzzle puzzling people like the Pope.  I have some hardcore thoughts around which we All need to postulate and ponder.  World's intellectuals Unite! 

My idea to Crack that Code is to simply state the following Six Sentences.  Listen up Y'all!


Cleveland's Two-Tier Reality

Submitted by lmcshane on Sun, 04/01/2007 - 10:30.

I was struck by Sam Miller's comment in today's Plain Dealer editorial Come Together:

"If you people out in Gates Mills and Pepper Pike and Beachwood and Westlake and Bay Village want to turn your back on this problem, then figure out how you are going to maintain good school systems and get a good price for your house. You are not. You will get caught in the same decline that is overtaking Cleveland now."

- Sam Miller

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Wana see my 45?

Submitted by Lee Batdorff on Sun, 03/25/2007 - 21:26.

At about 5:30 p.m. this evening I walked south bound on the Coventry Road sidewalk in front of City Buddha and two young teenage boys walked by me headed north. The shorter of the two stopped and pulled what looked like a pistol handle from his pocket and said, "wana see my 45?" The taller boy laughed.

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Be Leav'in Cleveland? Read today's "Journal" of record PD

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sat, 03/24/2007 - 07:33.

It has always bothered me to see full page ads in the Cleveland Plain Dealer for the traveling "Collectibles Buyers" who come into town for a few days to prey upon the most desperate citizens of our region, setting up shop in some seedy motel to buy jewelry, coins, watches, etc... the family treasures... from anyone they can scam. Recently, a local TV investigator did a segment on this sad practice, showing that the brokers offer their victims low values only the most pathetic fools would accept.


Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 03/14/2007 - 22:10.


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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 03/06/2007 - 20:33.



What's going on - this lawn looks like it has measles – how come there are some areas where the snow has melted, and other areas where the snow hasn’t melted?   I took this shot yesterday AM.   Salt has nothing to do with the melted areas...



Submitted by Jeff Buster on Mon, 03/05/2007 - 18:49.
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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 02/11/2007 - 15:15.

Until I stood by the trackside to take the photo above, it really hadn’t dawned on me what was going on…what was going on in the big picture


Project Genesis : Garden of Eden II

Submitted by Sudhir Kade on Mon, 02/05/2007 - 08:57.

The Genesis Project   :  Creating a New Garden of Eden Inside the Earth

Sudhir Kade Raghupathy

Creator and Futurist

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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Wed, 01/31/2007 - 19:33.



San Diego Port, GE wind Turbines, Gottwald crane


Cleveland Foundation and Cuyahoga Port Authority  - take a Road Trip to San Diego

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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sat, 01/27/2007 - 11:26.


Palm Springs Wind Farms


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Submitted by Jeff Buster on Sun, 01/21/2007 - 12:23.


winter sleeping on the street in cleveland, ohio

Corruption and self-dealing continues the demise of NEO -  and these people sleeping on the street are direct victims of our civic malfeasance.

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Ed Hauser's Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority Public Records Request - one man for the citizens

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 12/18/2006 - 01:25.

 There is lots of major news related to the Cleveland-Cuyahoga County Port Authority and their plans for the region, these days.

A story where individuals are making differences, for good and bad: The Historic Coast Guard Station

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 12/17/2006 - 17:30.


I met a few days ago with Ed Hauser - the "Citizen Hauser" who single-handedly saved Whiskey Island for the public - to see what he's been up to for the past few months. In brief, besides helping save Northeast Ohio from ODOT and their foolish pursuit of their ill-conceived Innerbelt Bridge and Trench plans, and continuing to single-handedly challenge the Port Authority's ongoing attempts to destroy Whiskey Island, Ed is taking next steps in his one man, multi-year battle to save the remarkable National Historic Landmark Coast Guard Station, at the tip of Whiskey Island, at the mouth of the Cuyahoga, designed by J. Milton Dyer, also architect of Cleveland City Hall. Ed mentioned to me he in the process of pressuring the city of Cleveland Law Director Robert Triozzi to seek a court order to force the city to comply with its own landmarks-preservation law, which requires owners of city landmarks to keep the properties secure and water tight, and, if the city fails to act responsibly and lawfully, Ed intends to file a citizens lawsuit against the city. Today, the Plain Dealer picked up the scent of the story, and shared some of the sad commentary of some of those related to the sorry state of this landmark, and the declining historic integrity of this city.

Rest in peace, Salim Alsoliman, 54. Real NEO cares.

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 09/18/2006 - 17:09.

Around 3:30 AM last night, I went to visit the Edgewater Deli where, a few hours earlier, Salim Alsoliman, 54, was murdered. A home-grown bouquet of flowers memorialized the site - I added some mums from my garden, to express my sadness for the loss of a neighbor and champion of the region. While I was there, some shocked friends of Salim and the other shooting victim of this senseless crime pulled up - recent immigrants to Cleveland, it seemed, as were the victims, I believe... the details are still not available.

What about: Allen T. Jones, 23, of Montgomery, Ala., who died near West 48th Street and Detroit.

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 09/04/2006 - 15:45.

The high profile murders of John Jackson and Masumi Hayashi, and now Detective Schroeder, have made me more aware of violent crime in NEO, and in my neighborhood. In reviewing PD coverage of the Jackson/Hayashi kllings, I saw Allen T. Jones was killed a block from my house... from the 08/14/06 PD: "A 23-year-old man was killed Friday on the West Side. Allen T. Jones of Montgomery, Ala., was shot in the abdomen about 3:45 a.m. near the corner of West 48th Street and Detroit Avenue.

? of the Day: How often do you notice the pollution in NEO in your neighborhood?

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Thu, 08/31/2006 - 23:55.

Evelyn has been sneezing all evening and just commented that there is a strange smell in the air. I went outside and realized she is correct... it stinks in Ohio City tonight. It is obvious why... the wind is coming from the East, where Mittal is located. I've lived on the near west side of Cleveland for over a year, on and off, and usually the air is very nice, coming from the north-west and so from over the lake... the nearest major pollution source I can think of are power plants down lake. But when the wind shifts, as with tonight, the smell of the air is brutal...

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Question of the day: Why are we wrecking our environment?

Submitted by Graci on Sun, 08/27/2006 - 12:12.

My theory is, we want an easier way of doing things and we want a shortcut to getting what we want and we will stop at nothing to get there. For example... the Bush admin. and some other important people "need" places to build their stupid little developments. But the only way to do that in places like California is to cut down one of the most ancient and sacred trees we have, the Sequoia. It really bothers me that someone would willingly destroy these trees some of which are over 300 years old!

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Art for all time: John Jackson, rest in peace

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Fri, 08/18/2006 - 15:46.

John Jackson, "Green Goddess", 2005: Graphite, charcoal, and paint on paper