Our Moment in the Sun and Akron's Plan for the Future

Submitted by el jefe on Mon, 10/10/2005 - 13:02.

Booyakasha! Much Respek! And I'll let you know that it's about friggin' time. 2 years this site has been going. Sometimes strong and sometimes slackerish. But let's face it, if there ever were a mirror for the people of Akron, this would be it. Hell this IS Akroness in all it's glory. That said, it's only fair that once every two years or so we get our just dues. This time our just dues mean David Giffels finally pimped us a bit in Akron's daily BJ. And to think we didn't even have to whore ourselves out too much to get it. It seems somehow mystical that our 'moment in the sun', as it were, came on the tails of telling some dumb chick how dumb she is. Perhaps there really is a God. Still doesn't make Pat Robertson any better though.

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My Own Civics Lesson - Reforming Ohio

Submitted by Kevin Cronin on Wed, 10/05/2005 - 09:02.

On Election Day, I stood at a polling location on Cleveland's eastside and talked to voters about Reform Ohio Now (RON) and issues 2-5 on the ballot in November. The voting location was JFK High School, one of the largest polling stations in ward one, the wealthiest and biggest voting ward in the African-American community. I was the one who learned a lot.

Philadelphia chooses vendor for muny Wireless project

Submitted by DerekArnold on Tue, 10/04/2005 - 17:22.

Philadelphia has chosen a provider for their municipal wireless network and the winner is...Atlanta-based Earthlink over HP.Click here to read the story .

Insights for NEO: Partnerships emerging in Wisconsin

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Tue, 10/04/2005 - 07:54.

In Wisconsin, new regional allliances are beginning to emerge, as civic leaders in Madison and Milwaukee recognize that they have more to gain from collaboration.

Here is a good article that surveys some of the recent developments. Read more.

Angel capital networks on the North Coast: Finding lessons in Albany

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Tue, 10/04/2005 - 07:48.

In Albany, the Center for Economic Growth is a major player in the transformation of the economy. CEG is one of the leading organizations to support innovation in regional economic development.

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Indiana's wireless networks

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Tue, 10/04/2005 - 07:46.

In an interesting move to stimulate collaboration among their campuses, Indiana University and Purdue University are integrating their wireless networks.

The powerful aspect of this announcement comes in the next step. According to one of the project leaders, "[W]e should continue to work toward extending these capabilities across Indiana to other universities, colleges and related organizations." Read more.

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New opportunity for Nortech?

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Tue, 10/04/2005 - 07:37.

The Kauffman Foundation has launched a new web-based tool to accelerate the flow of innovative ideas from universities to the marketplace.

The foundation's research showed that potentially valuable technologies lie dormant in universities too long. So, the foundation is investing in a new tool to tighten the connection between university labs and commercial markets. Initiallly, seven universities will participate in a pilot. Learn more.

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Michigan's e-learning strategy: Lessons for NEO?

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Tue, 10/04/2005 - 07:33.

Developing brainpower will determine the long term prosepects for our regional economy. As a result, we have a deep stake in improving the performance of the our high schools.

Few economic development investments are as sound as investments -- early childhood development, drop-out prevention, post-secondary education incentives -- that improve educational outcomes.

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Building inner city wealth

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Sun, 09/25/2005 - 16:51.

One of the biggest challenges facing Cleveland comes in building the networks needed to build wealth in our inner city neighborhoods.

The inner city is an important economic development frontier, and new models of development show promise. Some years ago, Michael Porter established the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City to apply cluster approaches to these markets. Learn more

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Waterfront Plan

Submitted by jsmuscatello on Fri, 09/23/2005 - 02:16.

More pictures from the final Waterfront Plan presentation on Tuesday.

What Happens When the Federal Government Can’t Get Emergencies Right? Lessons From the Sourthern Evacuee Assistance Center

Submitted by Kevin Cronin on Wed, 09/14/2005 - 07:49.

What Happens When the Federal Government Can’t Get Emergencies Right? And what does it say about our level of preparedness for disasters, wrought by nature or terrorists, even after the 9/11 disaster and the debate, planning and funding that all follows?

iNGENUiTY 05 Photos

Submitted by jsmuscatello on Tue, 09/06/2005 - 11:02.

Had a great time this weekend at iNGENUiTY.
The family enjoyed it as well.

Here are some photos I took with my crappy camera.

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NCAA Bans Names, Symbols and Mascots Using Native American Terms and Imagery

Submitted by Kevin Cronin on Mon, 08/29/2005 - 18:47.

Is a Cleveland Baseball Team Watching?

Earlier this month, the National Collegiate Athletic Association adopted a new policy to prohibit NCAA colleges and universities from displaying hostile and abusive racial/ethnic/national origin mascots, nicknames or imagery at any NCAA championship, beginning in 2008. So what is the leading name banned by the NCAA under the rule, calling for cultural sensitivity and respect? Simply, "The Indians."

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Apple Computer brings hope to Detroit

Submitted by johnmcgovern on Mon, 08/29/2005 - 07:56.

California computer firm will fund ambitious high school to get kids ready for the real world.

could the same thing happen here??

read more HERE


Submitted by johnmcgovern on Tue, 08/23/2005 - 14:27.

from waste comes incredible opportunity, right on our lakefront...... click HERE for more info.


Submitted by johnmcgovern on Wed, 08/17/2005 - 10:32.
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Sustainable Elementary School

Submitted by johnmcgovern on Mon, 08/15/2005 - 07:43.

*It seems like there's something quite cool going on in the city of McKinney, Texas. First there was the prototype of an eco-Walmart, then the eco-dealership by Toyota, and now - thanks to reader littleCatalyst for pointing it out - we learn that the city also has a sustainable elementary school that has been named (pdf link) one of the ten Most Environmentally Responsible Design Projects in the Nation by the American Institute of Architects. They have some great green architecture and landscaping, harvest rainwater in 6 cisterns (10,000 gallons capacity) and produce electricity with a wind turbine, but most importantly, they teach the kids about sustainability (it warms my heart!). Read more about it here >>

cleveland bikes

Submitted by johnmcgovern on Thu, 08/11/2005 - 15:00.

check out ClevelandBikes new website at for all the info you'll need to know to ride your bike around our beautiful city.

The Gatekeepers of NEO

Submitted by DerekArnold on Sat, 08/06/2005 - 16:03.

Who are the gatekeepers in Northeast Ohio? I was reading what Jon Garfunkel (a fellow Drupal user) has written on his site, He has a series of 8 articles and the first asks, Who are the Gatekeepers?.

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The Eminent Domain Bandwagon

Submitted by jsmuscatello on Fri, 08/05/2005 - 13:47.

It appears Ohio State Senator, Senator Kim Zurz (28th
District) has jumped on the anti-eminent domain bandwagon. She has
started a personal blog called “Private Ownership and Public Good.� ( She ends her opening post by stating:

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A celebration of REI's past and Northeast Ohio's Open Source Future

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Tue, 07/26/2005 - 08:57.

Come to a celebration of REI's past and Northeast Ohio's Open Source Future

We will be having a party to demonstrate an important point: Building our future prosperity is exciting, engaging, and fun. Join other civic entrepreneurs to share stories, get connected, and enjoy NEO's home brew.

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Critiques of Open Source Economic Development: A Reponse

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Sun, 07/24/2005 - 18:34.

Jim Harris has posed a critique of Open Source Economic Development. Read more.

Here's my response to his main points.

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Columbus provides a regional model

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Thu, 07/14/2005 - 23:00.

Earlier this week, The 21st Century Growth Policy Team unveiled its recommendations on how Columbus should grow. The City of Columbus assembled the Team, a group of around 80 community representatives.

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Holly Harlan, Civic Entrepreneur

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Thu, 07/14/2005 - 20:53.

With all the recent developments, I missed mentioning a major new award for civic entrepreneurship in Northeast Ohio. Here's the press release that Case issued.

E4S Founder, Holly Harlan, Receives First SBC/REI Civic Entrepreneurship Award

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WCPN Making Change series continues...

Submitted by Ed Morrison on Thu, 07/14/2005 - 20:44.

Cindi Deutschman-Ruiz of WCPN ideastream put together a good story on the emerging Second Curve economy in Cleveland. She managed to blend different viewpoints and avoid the trap of separating the world into competing camps.

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