"Cigarettes are like girls. The best ones are thin and rich." & "Some women would prefer having smaller babies."

Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 07/09/2006 - 21:09.

Today's editorial by Dick Feagler on taxing smoking for the arts, in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, really makes me think about the unfathomable death and destruction on this planet from humans' use of tobacco, and the evil killers who are to blame for all those deaths. The British site Action on Smoking and Health estimates that between 1950 and 2000 around 60,000,000 people worldwide have died from tobacco-related diseases. That is a shocking number, but a fraction of the 100,000,000+ who have died from tobacco over all time. But still I've been willing to remain an addict to tobacco and smoke... until Feagler's column made me picture myself dying like he may, from smoking. Feagler wrote:

I've smoked off and on (mostly on) for 50 years. My tarred lungs helped build Gateway and Cleveland Browns Stadium. I was an addict. I didn't mind until the doctor told me, "Stop it today." We can't discourage smoking on the one hand and cash in for it on the other.

Feagler's nervous ramblings made me think hard about others I've known who have died from smoking, like my grandmother Clara Roulet, rest her soul, I now feel hatred for those who are killing 100,000,000 of people, and I've started researching deep into the history of tobacco litigation, and it has infuriated me more than anything else in my life, and I simply feel a fool.

Thus, Feagler has given me a new lease on life, as I will join him in his plan to quit smoking, and I will go to war against the friends of tobacco who are the enemies of life, and I will now attack at the front lines of the defense for big tobacco, being Cleveland's beloved Jones Day, as I am already on the attack against them for the harm and death over the years of 1,000,000s through lead poisoning, which Jones Day also defends.

The first casualty of this war against smoking will be the very ill-conceived new cigarette tax that Feagler attacked today. In my posting on REALNEO about the Cuyahoga County Commissioners' desire to tax cigarettes for the arts, I quoted "Community Partnership for Arts and Culture president and CEO Thomas Schorgl as addressing the commissioners in support of this tax, saying it is needed to support county assets that are "life affirming and economy building"... and I wrote in response "I would actually like to see significant reduction in smoking rates and the life killing impact of smoking on the county." Feagler agrees, in his usual curled-lip way.

My hope is I'm not already a victim - that it's not too late to avoid a smokers-end. I mind being an addict to tobacco. It is a foolish curse I developed in college, largely resulting from living an a heavy smoking environment - sin city New Orleans - and working in an upscale wine shop that featured luxury cigars and cigarettes, which are a powerful drug that well compliments the drugging and taste of fine wine and liquor - vintage port and Upmanns led to scotch and Sobranies. Once I'd tasted the poison, I was hooked. But it was not the taste that drew me in deeper. but the chemical addiction. Soon, smoking was a tonic for stress - and as an entrepreneur I've lived a very stressful life.  Other factors I recognize as core to my habit are the classic death wish instinct in my subconscious, the positive association of childhood memories of family friends and relatives who smoked in my presence when I was a kid, peers and coworkers who enabled and encourage the habit over many years, cultural programming that says smoking is sexy, sophisticated, edgy and cool, and, most important, that all through my life I've been lied to by evil media outlets, advertising professionals, politicians and lawyers hired by evil tobacco executives to brainwash the masses into believing smoking is fine, while they've known very clearly for my entire lifetime that tobacco kills.

In fact, the year I was born, 1961, was the year when the war against tobacco really became one of good against evil. Selling tobacco should have been outlawed then, but it was not, and still is not, 10,000,000s lives lost later. At "Tobacco Timeline: The Twentieth Century 1950 - 1999--The Battle is Joined", it is so clear the depths of evil surrounding this industry, all throughout my lifetime... I'll start my attack with 1961, when we learn:

  • 1961: HISTORY: The Tobacco Institute stages a celebration of the 350th anniversary of America's first tobacco crop. The festival features Pocahontas and a cigar-smoking John Rolfe.
  • 1961-06-01: POLITICS: The presidents of the American Cancer Society, the American Heart Association, the National Tuberculosis Association, and the American Public Health Association submit a joint letter to President Kennedy, pointing out the increasing evidence of the health hazards of smoking and urging the President to establish a commission. The result will be the landmark 1964 SG report.
  • 1964-01-11: 1st Surgeon General's Report linking smoking and lung cancer: Smoking and Health: Report of the Advisory Committee to the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service. See the CDC's History of the 1964 Surgeon General's Report. See the full list of SG reports here
  • 1967: 2nd Surgeon General's Report: The Health Consequences of Smoking: A Public Health Service Review. William H. Stewart's Surgeon General's Report concludes that smoking is the principal cause of lung cancer; finds evidence linking smoking to heart disease

At that time, the people of the tobacco industry knew they were evil, and went to corrupt new depths to kill people, as the honest scientists and health professionals of the world continually and more thoroughly proved to the world that tobacco kills. For the past four decades, the battle lines were drawn that should have changed history, immediately, and so saved me, and Dick Feagler, and 1,000,000s of others in our lifetimes from horrible deaths from smoke.

The title of this posting - "Cigarettes are like girls. The best ones are thin and rich" and "Some women would prefer having smaller babies." are far from the most disturbing things the tobacco industry and their lawyers and marketers have ever said and done.  These are the words of the tobacco community - an evil community of executives and politicians and lawyers and other highly educated professionals who in their sick minds are able to separate their work from such basic human principles as "thou shall not kill", and so they have killed 100,000,000+ people simply to create $ trillions in profits and wealth for themselves and investors. Who is to blame. Every last person who has profited at all from the loss of those lives. More to come... interesting related reading, for now...



  • 1967: The first attempt to market king-length cigarettes to women fails when the American Tobacco Company advertises its new Silva Thins with the slogan: "Cigarettes are like girls. The best ones are thin and rich." 25 [Lerner, S., "Tobacco Stains," Ms. , November/December 1996] Source: Mediascope http://www.mediascope.org/pubs/ibriefs/ws.htm
  • 1971-01-03: Joseph Cullman, then Chairman of the Board of Philip Morris, Inc., is interviewed on CBS' Face the Nation. The interviewers asked Cullman if he was aware of a massive study [which] showed that babies of smoking mothers were had a greater incidence of low birth weight than non-smoking mothers, that smoking mothers had an increased risk of stillbirth and infant death within 28 days of birth. Cullman said he was aware of the study and its results. He said, "Some women would prefer having smaller babies."

  • 1973: Jesse Helms, former director of the News and Programs for the Tobacco Radio Network, is elected to the US Senate. He will become a powerful tobacco defender in Congress.
  • 1981: LITIGATION: CBS Chicago news commentator Walter Jacobsen accuses Brown & Williamson of engaging in a lurid advertising campaign to get young people to smoke. Jacobsen based his claim on a controversial "Illicit pleausre campaign" proposed by the Ted Bates agency.
  • 1985: LITIGATION: Brown & Williamson sues CBS and Chicago news commentator Walter Jacobsen for libel for his 1981 commentary. B&W wins a $3.05 million verdict--the largest libel award ever paid by a news organization.
  • 1988-06: LITIGATION: Liggett Group (L&M, Chesterfield) ordered to pay Antonio Cipollone $400,000 in compensatory damages for its contribution to his wife's death. In the years before the 1966 warning labels, Liggett found to have given Cipollone an express warranty its products were safe. First ever financial award in a liability suit against a tobacco company; award later overturned on technicality; plaintiffs, out of money, drop case

  • 1992: LITIGATION: Supreme Court rules that the 1965 warning label law does not shield tobacco companies from suits accusing them of deceiving the public about the health effects of smoking.
  • 1992: LITIGATION: U.S. Attorney in Brooklyn, N.Y., begins criminal probe of industry.
  • 1992-07-22: "Marlboro Man" Wayne McLaren, 51, dies of lung cancer.
  • 1994-03-29: LITIGATION: New Orleans, LA. Castano case begins; a 60-attorney coalition files what will become the nation's largest class-action lawsuit plaintiffs charge tobacco companies hid their knowledge of the addicting qualities of tobacco.
  • 1997-07-03: LITIGATION: First State Settlement: Tobacco Cos Settle Mississippi Medicaid lawsuit for $3.6 Billion

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    Dear Dick: here's my advice on quitting smoking

    Cleveland Plain Dealer columnist Dick Feagler and I are quitting smoking. As Feagler wrote he has tried quitting and failed, in the past, I thought I'd help Dick succeed by sharing my strategy that makes me certain not to fail - I've become really furious at the actual human beings killing me, assigning responsibility, and putting one face on the death of well over one billion people world-wide smoking today... Ted Grossman of Jones Day.


    Feagler's editorial on taxing smoking for the arts, observed he's smoked for 50 years, his lungs are "tarred", and his doctor says "quit now," but he still doesn't want to quit.  Well, think of 50 years of smoking as 500-million smoking-related deaths... does that help? All it took for me to decide to quit was thinking about lawyers like Grossman, and Jones Day, paid $billions getting rich to kill me. By smoking my life away, I accept an addiction-based, malicious death sentence Jones Day imposes upon me, by them enabling ongoing death by tobacco. Once furious at lawyers' immense profit at the loss of a billion lives, I realize I must change my life. I've started researching death by Jones Day and tobacco and now know how sick all that is.

    But it is Jones Day's website feature on their lead death-by-tobacco-"lawdragon",  Ted Grossman, makes me certain to quit, as I will not be killed by such a man.... especially after I read Jones Day's death-mongering gushing over Ted's offenses against humanity...


    Among his most closely followed matters have been a series of cases for R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, for whom he has long served as a national coordinating counsel and lead trial counsel. Taking cases to trial in jurisdictions where other counsel representing tobacco companies had suffered strings of losses, Ted has won each of his trials without exception and has obtained the dismissal of dozens of cases without trial. In 1988, The National Law Journal cited Ted's victory in Karbiwnyk v. R.J. Reynolds, where Ted reversed plaintiffs' momentum in the Deep South, as one of the three most significant defense verdicts of the year. In 2003, the Journal wrote a profile of Ted's victories in its annual "Winning" section, calling Ted the tobacco industry's "stopper," and lauding his recent victory after a four-month trial in California state court in Lucier v. Philip Morris. As the article noted, tobacco defendants had lost six successive West Coast trials, with verdicts up to $28 billion, before Ted put an end to plaintiffs' string and created a model for defendants' future success.

    Sick, sick, sick... "winning section", "stopper", "put an end to plaintiffs' string"... Jones Day lawyers clearly justify killing a billion people in a century as a nice, happy ball game - they take giddy glee in winning one for the Joneser... I've never seen clearer demonstration of black hearts, save perhaps Feagler's black lungs. Today's boxscore... score 1 for Grossman, at great profit, vs. 200 American women dead of lung cancer TODAY alone, at immeasurable cost to them, their families and society. Are you starting to get a picture in your mind, yet?.

    Well, now if I need encouragement to quit smoking I simply return to Ted Grossman's' immoral bio at Jones Day here, and picture him wahooing it up in the Jones Day loge at an "Indians" game, thinking he is quite the superstar for killing my Grandma Roulet, and 200 women today. That is how I know I will quit smoking, and now we'll see if I quit early enough to outlive the great Ted Grossman, the world's #1 superstar death-monger, batting for Jones Day.

    So, dear Dick, put yourself back in wartime, in honorable combat against the worst war-monger you may imagine, charging you with a bayonet, and know there can only be one winner and it is you or the angel of death. Would you get pissed off enough to save your motherland? Well, then get that pissed off at the lawyers who for decades have been fighting and earning $billions to kill you and all the people you love, and your motherland.


    Disrupt IT

    they moved the link on ya Norm

    and I tracked it down, to see who you were talking about




    [Ted is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and a member of the American Law Institute. He was profiled in the National Law Review's "Winning" supplement (as the tobacco industry's "stopper" for winning high-profile trials after others suffered losses) and in its "Defense Verdicts of the Year." He has appeared on the CBS Evening News, ABC World News, and a wide range of other print and televised media.]


    even with less people smoking, higher taxes per purchase of, and overall huge price gains, companies show huge profits




    but it isnt the black lungs only smokers have to worry about



    ----A lot of people think that occasional cigarettes won’t hurt, but even a little bit of social smoking or breathing in someone else’s secondhand smoke might be enough to occlude arteries and cause a heart attack, according to a report presented by the surgeon general.

    Lung cancer is probably a disease that people usually are afraid of. Surgeon general’s report states that it was proved that tobacco smoke starts poisoning straightway, more than 7000 harmful chemicals in each puff quickly spread through the body thus affecting almost every organ.

    “Namely that one puff of cigarette might be the one that will lead to heart attack. Or the one that will affect someone else,” stated Surgeon General Regina Benjamin.

    Approximately 443,000 Americans die from smoking related diseases every year. While the smoking rate has fall significantly since 1964, the progress has stopped in the past decade. 46 million of adults, one in five still continue to smoke and more are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke.

    The government hoped to lower the smoking rate to 12% by this year; this is not only a missed target but which is now postponed till 2020.

    “How many studies and researches does Congress need in order to declare that cigarettes should be banned?” asked nicotine expert Dr. K. Michael Cummings of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. “One-third of the patients who are hospitalized in our hospital have smoking related diseases.”

    The given report explains why some people become more addicted than others and how smoking affects health.


    Also it is well known that there is no safe level of exposure to tobacco smoke, whether you intentionally breathe it in or you are a non-smoker who inhales other’s people smoke.

    “But very soon it’s become evident that some consequences of smoking, mostly those involving the heart will make themselves felt right off,” stated Dr. Terry Pechacek of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    All this means that an occasional cigarette at a party with friends may be enough to cause a heart attack.

    When Pueblo, Colo., prohibited smoking in all public places in 2003, the number of people diagnosed with heart diseases dropped by 41% within just three years.

    You may wander why? Tobacco smoke quickly percolates into the blood flow and changes its chemistry so it becomes clammy, thus clots of blood are forming and block already narrowed arteries. And nobody knows how much it takes to trigger that clotting.

    “Stop smoking and let you boy start healing. It is never too late to kick this habit, but the sooner you do it the better. Even if you are too old and you are smoker, there is still will be a benefit from quitting,” Dr. Pechacek underlined.


    [//] more links at site, Betty

    ps. Norm,  trust you are doing well in not smoking now?


    The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

    Through smoking, I've met

    Through smoking, I've met some of the most decent and interesting people and have had some great moments--not to mention my own enjoyment of the dirty weeds (intentionally pluralized).  At the same time, smoking has kept at a distance so many of the people who I want kept at a safe, un-naggable distance.

    It's not health food, I admit.  But, it isn't high THC laden pot, either.  Or, is that OK, by you?  Clean up your own backyard.  I'll be on the back porch with a cigar.



    sure it is okay

    with no need to seek permission from the gov or others to put into one's own body anything they wish.

    Consent, terrible word isn't it? But too many believe IMO others are in charge.

    The older we grow, the less I believe it anyway.




    No need to question who the Alpha dog is, hehee, Each of us just has to ask in our own life, who is in charge?  Betty


    The problem is, America is NOT a Democracy - it is a Republic! As our Founding Fathers established, can we keep it?

    Sin City

    I heard from a neighbor today that at the price you can buy a house in Cleveland--some "investors" are buying to become the neighborhood "speakeasy."  Where the boys (and some gals) can hang out, drink their E&J, play cards, gamble and, most importantly, have their smoke. 

    True or False??


      True!  Today's 2/8/2008 PD picks up the scent.  Reminds me of my days in University Circle* in the eighties when the last of the after-hour clubs were still in vogue. 

    JEERS . . .

    to some unintended consequences. What do you get if you cross a smoking ban in public places with tighter rules at strip clubs? "Smokehouses," where you can smoke while watching strippers break the rules - and worse. They're here. They're said to be thriving. And if they're not in other Ohio cities, they will be soon. Your move, society.

    * Actually, the clubs were in East Cleveland.  Sorry, Sebastian, I was too timid to follow....

    It's gonna a be a difficult

    It's gonna a be a difficult war for you, are you sure you are strong enough for it? People don't just quit smoking, they are all aware of warning sings, they know exactly what the consequences are but they keep smoking. How do you compete with that? Will you start removing all the public cigarette bins all by yourself?


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