Ways to celebrate preserve protect Breuer Tower

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Marcel Breuer
Design and Architecture
An exhibition by Vitra Design Museum, Weil am Rhein, Germany
4 May ‒ 2 September, 2007
Could it come to MOCA or CMA?

Rockefeller's Brothers Fund to steward Breuer House
would they steward our Breuer?

Breuer featured in Corcoran Exhibit

World Monument Fund launches Modernism at Risk

Only decades after their design and construction, great works of Modern architecture are being lost to neglect, deterioration, and demolition. While the issue of preserving Modern landmarks is gaining prominence in public discourse, the threats they face continue to grow.
To address these threats, the World Monuments Fund launched Modernism at Risk, an advocacy and conservation program, in 2006 with founding support from Knoll.

Program highlights include:

• Innovative design solutions to save Modern buildings slated for demolition.

• Financial assistance for selected conservation projects at endangered Modern landmarks.
• Exhibitions and lectures developed in collaboration with museums and educational institutions to raise public awareness and combat the public apathy that threatens so many Modern structures.

• The World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize, to be awarded biennially, to a designer or design firm in recognition of projects that preserve Modern landmarks and raise public awareness of their importance in the context of our architectural heritage.

Perhaps we can request assistance from the World Monuments Fund

How to spread the word about our tower of golden sections: visit this link: national group works to preserve works of the recent past and send it with a request for a letter of support. Email and postal mail addresses are on the page.

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