Submitted by Jeff Buster on Tue, 11/13/2007 - 12:43.

POST NO BILLS: The County Commissioners are using our tax money in a blatant and hypocritical propaganda campaign intended to sway public opinion after their vote to demolish the Breuer Tower.


A friend called this morning and brought my attention to the whois lookup for the url   The url was created on July 19, 2007 (contact person Sue James) and is registered to Mobius Grey a Ohio minority certified ad agency run by Arlene Watson  on the West 25th in Cleveland. 


When your government starts using your tax money to feed the populace spin – watch out – that’s what happened in Hitler’s Germany.    In Germany there were lots of posters like the one on the left in the photo above which is from November 1932 and is titled  "Hitler Builds".  Poster photo is Courtesy of Dr. Robert D. Brooks courtesy of German Propaganda Archive  .   Maybe the Commissioners   can next infer to their constitutents that they are demolishing the Breuer Tower because it is ugly - and has similarities with the Hitler Propaganda Poster.  Nothing seems too out there for our Commissioners.


Bush strips global warming warnings out of our government agency reports and Cuyahoga County Commissioners Tim Hagan, Jim Dimora, and Peter Lawson-Jones buy propaganda telling us that black is white…telling us that demolishing the Breuer Tower is synonymous with “PRESERVE AND CONSERVE” and WINDMILLS IN THE SKY. 


We know the truth is just the opposite.


This is the “BIG LIE”.   Make the representation to the people which is 180 degrees from the truth – psychologists recognize that people subliminally accept preposterous associations (e.g. “demolition” associated with “preservation” ) readily.   


This propaganda campaign  is an insult to the integrity and intelligence of the County and  is an inappropriate use of public funds  and, I will suggest, illegal as it constitutes a politically motivated expenditure,  and not an expenditure for the public good.  


A public records request to the county is in order,  seeking any documents in which the decision to buy propaganda was discussed, and any documents which relate to the contracting of Mobius Grey to provide such propaganda.


And, are hand bills allowed to be posted/plastered up in the City of Cleveland?  What Permits to post are required, if any?   This question needs to be asked of the City of Cleveland.

   The Cleveland minus self delusion campaign banners hung on Terminal Tower and the Masonic Auditorium on Chester are more 180 degree spin in NEO.    Interesting that there is a similar hypocrisy and willful delusion  between Joe Roman’s campaign and Mr. Hagan’s campaign .

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Breuer and Bauhaus on WCPN

For those interested in saving the Breuer Tower, the series "Greening the Modern Preservation Movement: Bauhaus at the Brink" continues this weekend with a screening of "Bauhaus in America", Saturday at 4 pm at the Cleveland Cinematheque. The filmmaker, Judith Pearlman, will be interviewed today (in about a half-hour) on WCPN/Around Noon. The film delves into the historic impact of the Bauhaus and why their ideas are still relevant today. As Tony Hiti said in his presentation last Saturday (at the series' kick-off), the design of the Breuer Tower responds to its environment -- it serves as a backdrop to the Rotunda and its deep-set windows were some of the earliest forms of "green" building technology, providing shade from summer sun.  So,  the bathtub window form that Breuer designed is more than mere whimsy like the design of most neoclassical buidlings, it served a very real, energy saving function.

Fascism in NEO

When in doubt,

let it BURN.

Cuyahoga County administration--just how low can they go???