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As the Pee Dee propagandizes for the Casino industry, the Columbus Dispatch editorially says, “No Thanks!”


At the same time, the Pee Dee has a cartoon front-page heralding a poll saying Ohioans want the casinos.


The Dispatch said that casinos COST a community $3 for every $1 of benefit.



In an editorial today the Columbus Dispatch reminded voters that allowing casinos into their communities invites “corrosive influences.”


The Dispatch noted that casinos would pour money into buying the allegiance of state lawmakers with campaign contributions.


The paper also cites the fact that the Ohio Fraternal Order o Police, which is backing Issue 3, has been promised 2 percent of receipts by the casinos for “police training,” suggesting a payoff.


The paper also has reported that the casinos have promised annual contributions to Experience Columbus – the city’s convention bureau.

Experience Columbus has endorsed the casinos.


The suggestion is that the city’s convention center has been bought off by the casino, which will have a monopoly in Columbus as it would in Cleveland if Issue 3 passes.


In Cleveland Positively Cleveland – this city’s convention bureau – has endorsed casinos.


Could Cleveland and Cuyahoga County use more “corrosive influences” in this political life? I don’t think so.

Here’s a link to the Dispatch’s editorial:


Vote NO and protect your pocketbook and that of Cleveland.


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Vote NO and protect your pocketbook and that of Cleveland

Thank you Roldo for posting this - we will be so lied to about this by the Cleveland Plan Dealer and their corporate interests, which have been trying to force casinos and other corrosive influences on this community for so long the people here are nearly rotted away.

Those whose brains still have functioning grey matter left, Vote NO and protect your pocketbook and that of Cleveland

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